ERP SyteLine

With Infor CloudSuite Industrial, you can reduce IT upgrade and maintenance costs, securely manage MTO and ETO operations, and free up much-needed capital to kick-start new ventures—all in an environment that provides greater reliability and security than you could provide on your own. 

  • Modernize your business for greater growth: By relying on the right technology, you can position your company for greater growth and profit by being highly responsive to the wants and needs of your customers.
  • Apply industrial expertise to the cloud: With Infor CloudSuite Industrial, you get the most functionally rich and comprehensive, highly flexible, cloud-based solution suite available to the industrial manufacturing industry.
  • Maintain global, real-time visibility: With Infor CloudSuite Industrial, you can maintain global visibility around the facets of your business you can influence—suppliers, customers, and product innovation—all within a secure technology infrastructure.
  • Achieve your business goals: With Infor CloudSuite Industrial, you get a cloud-based, enterprise solution that gives you the flexibility you need to address today’s complex manufacturing demands—while keeping your systems and data secure and reliable. 

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We’ve shaved off two months from our budget process—from five months to a tight three months
Every company wants to achieve significant cost savings through increased productivity, improved work quality, reduced lead time as well as better control of material acquisition. Our Infor ERP LN can help business manage and distribute information across the organisation, as a result reduce information overflow between organisational functional components and improve business performance in any industry.
It provides you:
  • Organisation-wide insight into finance, operations, inventory and capacity.
  • Optimal utilisation of material and production resources.
  • Shorter lead-time in every manufacturing process.
  • Better visibility to your suppliers, to improve their delivery performance to you in turn.
  • Flexible adaptation to changes in supply chain management and manufacturing process.
Infor ERP LN is designed to help you master every bit of your complex manufacturing business, including design, supply chain management, production and service management.

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The ERP SyteLine