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Motivating the Millennial Shopper: The role of technology in making a purchase decision

Posted by Binh Pham on

The millennial shopper has been characterized as an elusive being -- we know they exist, but we seem to have trouble catching them, at least for a prolonged period of time. Predicting their actions is an even greater challenge. As a result, retailers have formed a number of myths around millennial shopping preferences -- some that border on superstition -- and many approach these myths as reality.

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Topics: Retail Management System, Customer Service Representative, Technology trends

Handling customer complains for retailers: as easy as pie!

Posted by Linh Pham on

Receiving furious or disappointed customer calls or visits is the ineluctable duty for any retailer. However, with proper training, constant practice and patience, a Customer Service Representative (CSR) can easily go through this, that means not only he can deal with customer's complaints successfully and reserve the situation, but also maintain customers loyalty to the brand.

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Topics: Retail Management System, Customer Service Representative, CSR activities

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