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Business Intelligence – Implementation Challenges

Posted by Oanh Nguyen on Tue, Jan 27, 2015

Business intelligence is always known as the tools, technologies, methodologies and best practices that help organisation have insights information on their business. BI helps organisations to have a clear view about their data to make better decisions and push the business process forward. In our previous posts, we discussed about the rising needs for business insights and how to correctly operate a BI platform to improve business performance. However, the business world is changing constantly; therefore corporation needs to have flexible business strategies to go along with the waves while still preserving its image and position in the market. Consequently, the implementation of BI is also challenged as BI solutions are one of the key factors that help businesses to stay competitive.

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Topics: business intelligence

6 ways to use technology to help shape up financial strategies (part 2)

Posted by Binh Nguyen on Tue, Jan 27, 2015

McKinsey in a recent research reports that while 75 million people cannot have a job, yet many businesses have vacancies that cannot be filled, and that there is a gap between the current workforce’s skills and what employers want from employees. Especially in the finance and accounting world, where people need accuracy, concentration and speed, it is even harder for organisation to recruit and retain talents.

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Topics: Business Management, Financial management, business intelligence, performance management., financial strategies

Agile BI solution as the key to good decision making

Posted by Oanh Nguyen on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

How often do you have to make decision?

How much time it takes you to make one good decision?

How often do you successfully execute your decision as intended?

Do you put the right amount of effort to make and execute that decision?

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Topics: Business Intelligence (BI)

6 ways to use technology to help shape up financial strategies (part 1)

Posted by Uyen Vu on Fri, Jan 23, 2015

Having a comprehensive system will enable top managers to manage human resources especially in financial and accounting aspects more effectively in the most effective way to compete globally. Today, we’ll discuss further on 3 among 6 basic ways to use technology to shape up financial strategies and increase financial performance.

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Topics: Business Management, Financial management, business intelligence, performance management., financial strategies

Planning and budgeting: Solutions to common problems

Posted by Vy Huynh on Thu, Jan 22, 2015

Jack Welch, former Chairman at GE once said: “The budgeting process…sucks the energy, time, fun, and big dream out of an organization”. Yes, everyone hates it! If there is an effective way to do it without trying too hard will you take its advantages to grow? What you need are just a good planning and budgeting process and the right technology!

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Topics: Planning and Budgeting, technology advancement, planning and budgeting process, Financial Planning, financial planning budgeting forecasting

5 must-haves to buy the best ERP software (Part 2)

Posted by Thai Pham on Wed, Jan 21, 2015

In the last post, we have discussed 2 keypoints that you must do before choosing a proper ERP system for your business. Today, we will have a look over the last 3 things should be in your check lists.

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Topics: ERP solution, ERP system

5 must-haves to buy the best ERP software (Part 1)

Posted by Thai Pham on Tue, Jan 20, 2015

Whether you have already implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or not, you always need to prepare big time for it. Every concern should be put up for consideration: who is the right vendor for your ERP system, what questions should be asked and how to eventually make your project successful when you start planning.

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Topics: ERP solution

Critical Failure Factors in ERP Implementation

Posted by Thao La on Mon, Jan 19, 2015

Not only Vietnam but also all around the world, moving to full ERP solutions is a very big step for any manufacturing companies. However, not all organisations gain the best ROI from ERP. The high failure rate of ERP implementation consequents to negative impacts, such as business loss, dropping market price, losing both market share and competitive advantage. According to a book about ERP by Ptak, ERP implementation failure rates are between 60-90%, which is very critical.

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Topics: Business Performance Management, manufacturing performance management, Quan ly hoat dong doanh nghiep

Operational BI platform and signs you’re doing it right (part 2)

Posted by Vy Huynh on Mon, Jan 19, 2015

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Topics: Business Management, Business Intelligence (BI), Business Performance Management, business insights, business intelligence strategy, operational intelligence, business performance, business intelligence solution, data integration tools

How ERP revolutionises manufacturing: problems and solutions

Posted by Binh Pham on Fri, Jan 16, 2015

There is one similar attribute that all best-in-class manufacturers agree: their supply chain, distribution and service standpoint are very easy to work with the help from cloud-based manufacturing applications, especially Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

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Topics: ERP, ERP solution, supply chain management, manufacturing performance management


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