The Executive's Guide

It's easy to lead when things are going well. It's only when adversity strikes that great leaders shine.

In this turbulent time, how can you step up your leadership game?

Constant change, uncertainty and ambiguity. These seem to be the default definition of today's “new normal”. As leaders, we are constantly challenged to use visionary thinking, make insightful strategic decisions, and guide our teams to success amidst an ever-changing environment.

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Better company culture starts with better conversations and a forward-looking leader

“Upgrading” your star performers is not an easy task. Most businesses tend to use force when it comes to change, but this method can backfire.

Let's take a closer look at:

  • Traits of a high-performance leader in a business-as-unusual world
  • Balancing between high potential and high-performance employees
  • Unlocking hidden talents and building high-performance teams for sustainable growth
  • The power of coaching and what you can expect from it

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