dataBelt® Datasheet


Leverage Artificial Intelligence and advanced capabilities to manage your data, prevent frauds and transform your business.


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What is dataBelt®?

dataBelt is an all-in-one solution leveraging modern technologies, namely machine learning and robotic processing, to support companies to overcome challenges associated with data governance.

The solution supports the indexing, classifying and storing both structured and unstructured data in a secure data lake.

Plus, it is deployable both on-premise and in the cloud.

One platform supporting all data needs

Data lookup

Search for any data, structured or unstructured, in emails, PDFs, spreadsheets, cloud directories, etc.

Detect fraud

Identify errors or duplications, report breaches, investigate frauds or suspicious entries.

Data compliance and GDPR

Manage consent, end-to-end GDPR, compliance gaps and other compliance activities.

Gain visibility

Know exactly where your data is located, its risks, impacts, thus prioritising actions based on the sensitivity of data.



Discover, classify, index, merge

Understand all types of data and metadata from single or
multiple sources and create master data integrations.