Cloud Migration Strategy:
4 Paths to the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing proposition — there are strategies to choose from, and steps to take. But begin the journey now and you'll quickly realise significant benefits.


Information Kit | Cloud Migration Strategy - 4 Paths to the Cloud

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4IN1 Information Kit

4IN1 Information Kit

4 cloud migration strategies in 1 single bundle, and you only have to fill out the request form once.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Read which companies have implemented which cloud-based solutions successfully and what features they love most.

Detailed Guides

Detailed Guides

It's critical that you fully equip yourself with all available options in the market before selecting a path.

Shareable Content

Shareable Content

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Evaluating your cloud migration options: Which path is right for your business?

Often as applications age, the gap between the functionality they provide and the functionality you need continually increases. Plus, the cost and effort required to maintain needed capabilities on current systems becomes increasingly difficult to manage.

As these deficiencies become inhibitors to new opportunities, the need for migration is greater than ever.

Evaluating you cloud migration options
How to move to the cloud

How to move to the cloud: Business continuity in the cloud

Many business leaders are hesitant about moving enterprise applications to the cloud, thinking, "If it’s not broken, don’t fix it." The trouble is, what worked yesterday, may not work today and tomorrow.

Cloud-based enterprise software provides businesses with a secure and reliable platform that enables quick responses to opportunities and market needs.


How to get to the cloud

Begin your cloud journey today and you'll quickly realise these significant benefits:

  • Reduce IT incidents by 70%
  • Avoid hefty financial lost by leveraging the technical skills of your cloud solution provider
  • Experience shorter implementation cycles and a simpler ROI model
How to get to the cloud
The Infor cloud built on AWS

The Infor Cloud built on AWS

The unique power of the Infor Cloud built on AWS doesn’t just come from what’s inside.

Infor’s innovative cloud technologies, built to work hand in hand with the world class capabilities of Amazon Web Services, can give your organisation the power and responsiveness you need to stay ahead in a business environment that’s more fiercely competitive than ever..

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The information kit contains four different content offers:

  • 1 x whitepaper
  • 1 x how-to guide
  • 1 x infographic
  • 1 x brochure

We have combined all the above four offers into one single bundle for your enjoyment anytime, anywhere. In other words, you only have to download once to get all materials noted above.

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All materials are compressed into a Zip file, so you'll need an unzip application before accessing the content.

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Unfortunately, these materials are only available in bundle form at the moment.

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