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Expense Management Solution

Whether you need to focus on business issues, slash costly inefficiencies, and make a profit. To do so, you need expense management solution to improve and streamline the management of their employee expenses.

What it does

Expense Management Solutions such as expense@work have extensive and highly sophisticated functionality that enables organisations to manage their expense claims process.

What it means

With Expense Management Solution, you can:

  • Efficiency Improvements - Eliminate paper and the rekeying of data
  • Spend Control - Reduce expense costs through enforcement
  • Compliance - Ensure that Company Policy & HMRC Guidelines are enforced
  • Reporting - Produce management reports showing who is spending and why

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We’ve shaved off two months from our budget process—from five months to a tight three months
Whether you've got a single hotel or multiple locations, you need to focus on business issues, slash costly inefficiencies, and make a profit. To do so, you need hotel accounting software that's specific to hospitality measurements, departments, ledgers, and users, and that complies with hotel industry regulations and best practices-so you can deliver financial results with confidence.

What it does

Get a reliable, apples-to-apples view of financial performance across your entire enterprise, as well as the flexibility and control necessary to adapt to the demands of even the most challenging business environment. Plus, ensure compliance with hotel industry regulations and best practices.

What it means

With Infor SunSystems for Hotels, you can:

  • Have data from one source, in one place
  • Automatically capture and manage key financial information
  • Close books quickly
  • Increase revenue and cut costs
  • Streamline back-office processes

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