The preeminent Supply Chain Management solution for Hospitality 

Since its establishment in 1990, Check has stayed in the forefront of supply chain management, procurement and inventory software solutions providers for the global hospitality industry.

Check SCM is a comprehensive supply chain management, procurement and cost control solution trusted by many world's renowned hospitality businesses in over 60 countries.

Focusing on taking your e-procurement processes to the next level, Check SCM comprises of three key capabilities:

  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • F&B Cost Control

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Inventory Management

Accelerating the diverse reporting and tracking purposes of retailers, Check SCM is designed with room for detailed information to be entered and accessed. Check SCM provides a comprehensive view of the organisations materials management position.


Check SCM supports multiple types of purchase order:

  • On-line requisitions
  • Store or outlet reordering, either by consumption or par level
  • Via weekly orders for daily deliveries, standing orders and draw down
  • Via repeat orders
  • Via manual entry

Check SCM automatically records:

  • Deliveries
  • Stock issues and transfers
  • Depletion due to production, sales, and spoilage
  • Stock take variance 
CHECK SCM provides a completely transparent view of the business activities, from sourcing to product pricing, purchasing, and consumption.
With CHECK SCM, the users can:
  • Efficiently manage contracts, schedule alerts to notify expiring contracts, and set authorisation for contract approval.
  • Utilise the wide range of tender request templates, or quickly create one based on their needs.
  • Maximise business’ buying power, save costs, time and any possible wastage with group purchasing function.

F&B Cost Control

Check SCM facilitates efficient and effective cost control and allows for a comprehensive overall view of expenditure, enabling organisations to reduce operational overheads and enjoy higher margins.


Check SCM provides cost control parameters and enhances the operational processes for your F&B business via:

  • Electronic processing from stock request to outlet
  • Electronic processing from purchase request to delivery
  • Automated email/fax purchase orders
  • Electronic exchange of documents with suppliers, i.e. purchase orders, quotes, invoices
  • Various alerts and scheduled reminders

Control over expenditure

Check SCM helps ensure that purchases are as per negotiated price, within budget and ordered/approved by the right people in the organisation.

Re-ordering is based on accurate usage, actual sales and in consideration of seasonal fluctuations.


Control over inventory

Check SCM mitigates wastage of inventory stock by keeping track of slow moving stock, expiration dates and recognises opportunities to reduce or increase availability of storage space.

Depletion is based on POS sales, resulting in minimal stock count variations. Additionally, ‘out of stock’ situations are avoided, preventing last minute expensive purchasing.


Control over margins

The system periodically evaluates cost and margins at outlet and menu item levels. This function informs pricing decisions to ensure that required margins are realized.

Check also allows for easy substitutions to lower the cost of ingredients.


Why choose CHECK SCM?

Check can be deployed as a standalone system, or hosted across many business units in a cluster or across countries. Apart from the key functions, Check SCM offers you with:

  • Flexible deployment
  • Industry experience
  • Globalised solution
  • Personalised services and consultation 

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