Powerful enterprise applications need to be backed by equally strong, powerful digital foundation.

Infor Operating Service, or more commonly known as Infor OS, is your operating service for the future, which focuses on providing seamless user experience and unifying business' entire ecosystem.

The result? A connected, intelligent network that is capable of automating, anticipating, and informing every stakeholders about basically everything happens in the business right now.


A cloud enterprise operating service that brings collaboration, seamless integration, and automation together

Infor OS is an operating service that can deploy in the cloud, incorporate Artificial Intelligence, networked analytics, and many modern capabilities to help drive transformation and endorse productivity in your business.

Infor OS offers a unified user experience in all applications and provides visibility across your entire organisation, thereby bringing you real-time information to make informed decisions.

Infor OS comes with the following applications


infor coleman artificial intelligence
infor data lake

Coleman Artificial Intelligence

In the form of a digital assistant, Coleman analyses how users do their jobs and assists in augmenting work, automating business processes, and advising in the enterprise.


Infor Data Lake

Infor Data Lake unites all of your data on CloudSuite, IoT, or third-party application data into just one repository. Infor Data Lake allows you to utilise your data sources to the fullest.


birst networked analytics
infor ION

Birst Business Analytics

A native cloud BI and analytics platform that helps organisations to understand complex processes in less time than traditional methods. Its intuitive mobile version, Birst Mobile, ensures users are always stay up-to-date even when they are offline.


Infor ION

A powerful middleware that connects all aspects of your business, integrate both Infor and non-Infor's applications, allows your employees to be notified and communicate across departments and systems. 


Infor Mongoose

Infor Mongoose

Quickly and easily build your applications on one single framework without relying on professional developers, learning how to code, or having to create multiple versions for mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Infor Mongoose has everything you need in intergrate with your other Infor solutions in one spot.


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