VAMOOS - The travel app that adds wow



A valuable partner for hotels looking for ways to maximise their visibility online and on mobile, increase their rebooking rates, and maintain customer loyalty.


What is Vamoos?

Vamoos is an app that is designed to help you connect with your guests and provide all the information they need to transform their stay – from the moment they book until after they leave.

The app enables you to design a tailored, seamless and contactless experience for your guests with over 25 different features within one single platform.

Request a demo today and see how Vamoos can help you to drive repeat bookings, increase value, and expand your networks with other tour operators, travel agents and more.

How Vamoos works?

Vamoos has over 25 different features which helps you transform your guest experiences, from 24/7 messaging to fully bookable services at the touch of a button.


Branded phone and web app
Bookable services

Branded Phone and Web App

Build brand awareness by displaying the hotel's logo on Vamoos home screen or create the hotel's very own version of "Vamoos-like" mobile app, which is available in both App Store and Google Play Store.

Bookable Services

Give your guests the power to extend their stay, book a spa treatment, or give you feedback - all of which can be done directly through the app.

Local points of interest


Stay in contact with your guests 24/7 with the messaging functionality, and start communicating with your guests before they even arrive.

Local Points of Interest

Recommend local points of interest to your guests and encourage them to visit your favourite hidden spots.




Quotation Tool

Instantly share trips and packages quotations to guests using the desktop version of the app.

Itinerary builder

Itinerary builder

Quickly craft branded and professional looking itineraries that are inspiring and revenue-driven to email to guests, to print out, or to open for view and share on the app.