TEBIS eBanking Solution  

Meet today's complex requirements with eBanking Payment services

TRG eBanking Interface for SunSystems, or TEBIS, is an eBanking payment solution developed by TRG International. With TEBIS, banking institutions can effortlessly manage transactions and automatically notify customers - all with a quick and infallible system that provides high security and effectiveness.

eBanking transactions

With TEBIS, you can create and control transactions more efficiently thanks to a seamless and well-organised system, ensuring a smooth and streamlined process.

eBanking forms

TEBIS saves you from the tedious and time-consuming process of filling in hundreds of forms every day based on your needs and requirements.

Detail extractions

Pulling out data from your huge accounting system can be time-consuming and complicated. With TEBIS, you can make the extraction process of hundreds of transaction details effortless.

Accounts updates

TEBIS makes all transactions transparent by sending payment information/ transaction status to relevant recipients automatically and immediately for proper account keeping. You can also tailor the content and format of the remittance to suit your requirements in the TEBIS interface.

Data security

TEBIS employs the PGP encryption method to encrypt payment files to make sure all your confidential data is always secure and unbreachable.

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