As we're going through life, suffering through the pain of defeat and failure, it's easy to get discouraged. Even a small failure will make you feel like  ‘I can’t do it anymore’, ‘I am not worth it’, ‘I knew this was coming’ and many more negative thoughts.

But failure is inexorable in life. You cannot avoid it! It’s how you deal with failures is what makes you a powerful leader. No one was there to pick up Steve Jobs when he was ousted from Apple — the company that he found. But it was his positivity that brought him back to the company and made him one of the most influential persons in the world we all know today.

There have been countless studies carried out over recent years to show a clear correlation between business success and a positive attitude. In fact, one study by the Stanford Research Institute showed that success comprises of 88% positive thinking and only 12% education.

It is obvious that there are many kinds of success anyone can achieve just by embracing a positive attitude. As a wise man once said: ”Positive anything is better than negative everything”, You need to embrace the power of positivity to see how it transforms the way you look at things. And running a business is no different!

TRG Talk - Talent Management this month will help you look at how being a positive leader is going to impact your business and change the face of it. Join TRG Talk - Talent Management and be a part of the discussion on “Positive Thinking - Transforming Individuals for Business Success”.

This event is limited to the first 20 people and FREE entrance, so hurry up and grab your seat!



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Mr. Tran Do Dang Khoa

Business Development Manager, TRG International



When & Where:

  • 8:00 – 9:30 AM, Wednesday, May 30, 2018
  • PJ’s Coffee Sala, 145 – 147 Nguyen Co Thach Street, District 2, HCMC

Travel time: 9 minutes from Bitexco Financial Tower via Thu Thiem Tunnel to PJ's Coffee Sala


  • 7:45 - Check-in, gathering
  • 8:00 – Start, networking
  • 8:15 – Main topic discussion
  • 8:45 – Q&A
  • 9:15 – Wrap-up


This event will be conducted in Vietnamese


If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact: Ms. Tang Nguyen Viet Thao ( | Tel: (+84) 28 7309 3339 (Ext: 323)

Other information:

TRG reserves the right to change the speaker, date, and cancel the event should circumstances beyond its control arises. TRG also reserves the right to make alternative arrangements without prior notice should it be necessary to do so.

About TRG Talk:

TRG Talk is a series of events co-organised by TRG International and PJ’s Coffee Vietnam in order to promote the latest trends in not only the IT industry but also other rising and upcoming notions in the HR world, tips and trick in improving your project management skills, at the same time provide a meeting place for the CGMA, ACMA and FCMA community. 

About TRG Talk – Talent Management:

Is your organisation caught in various problems revolve around talent management? Are you actively looking for ways to efficiently as well as effectively recruit and retain talented staff? TRG Talk - Talent series is a platform where all leaders can openly share their experience in managing talents, how to create and maintain a healthy working environment where everyone of any background, belief, and identity can work harmoniously.

TRG Talk - Talent is held every fourth Wednesday of the month.




PJ’s Coffee Sala, 145 – 147 Nguyen Co Thach Street, District 2, HCMC