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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Perfecting Revenue optimisation for Hotel chains with Analytics

For a hotel chain, which may own, operate or manage thousands of properties around the world, revenue optimisation truly is a daunting challenge. In recent years, many hotel chains have heavily invested in Business Intelligence (BI) to drive their revenue management. The massively powerful data analytics capabilities provided by Business Intelligence solutions have created giant leaps in revenue optimisation of hotel chains.

In this whitepaper, we will explain why Hotels should adopt Analytics software to improve their revenue management.

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Analytics helps drive revenue management

CFOs nowadays are operating in a dynamic and challenging world that requires changes almost every day to guide the business on the right path to success. They help the organisation to ensure all plans are on the right way, all initiatives are supported by proper analysis and all activities will be performed in expected levels. And this cannot be achieved without the help of one most important aspect: technology.
Business Intelligence (BI), or Business Insight, is not a tool, or a software solution. It's a concept, which has been commonly used for 30 years. BI is a set of tools, analysis, processes and methodologies to help business take control of their data to have deeper insight into the company's operation process and deliver the best strategy for future development.

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Perfecting revenue optimisation for Hotel chains with Analytics