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About the program

The Certified Training Professional (CTP) Program is a face-to-face program offered by the ARTDO International in collaboration with the Institute of Training and Development (ITD). The award is given upon the satisfactory completion of a five-module competency-based skills development program which lasts for ten days and the submission of a set of required certification reports indicating the demonstration and application of the set of training competencies in an actual work-related setting within a ninety day post-training assessment period.

Participants are expected to satisfactorily perform the tasks of a training professional using the set of twenty training competencies specified by ARTDO International & ITD.

If you are a training manager, training specialist, design specialist, learning specialist, trainer, facilitator and technical expert who are required to do training or see training as a significant part of your work life, then this program is for you.


Program details


2 days

  • Provides a business-wide strategic perspective to training and development
  • Introduces a training process framework as basic for analysis
  • Adopt a systematic, measured approach to needs analysis


1.5 days

  • Provides a template of training design and development
  • Explains the step-by-step procedure in training design
  • Gives sufficient opportunity for participants to do prototype design• Encourages creativity in design
  • Demonstrate the necessary components of learning outcomes
  • Distinguish between learner-centered and trainer-centered considerations


1.5 days

  • Gain insight into the process of creating course materials
  • Create lesson plans consistent with learning theories and principles
  • Build active learning activities
  • Develop instructions for learner-led courses


3 days

  • Build confidence in delivering a training assignment
  • Know how to create a conductive learning environment
  • Achieve greater learner engagement
  • Handle challenging situations
  • Facilitate experimental and group learning activities


2 days

  • Encourages more depth in the level of training evaluation
  • Provides the theoretical basis for training evaluation
  • Provides the main distinctions among the different levels of evaluation
  • Develops the tools of evaluation


Investment value

Certified Training Professional (CTP) 2020: US$2,830

Total learning hours: 10 days


About ITD World

ITD World was founded on an inspiring and compelling mission of transforming leaders and changing the world for the better. Its roots can be traced back to April 1984, when a group of visionary experts established an intuition which quickly emerged as a leading global learning expert focusing primarily on leadership and talent development, training, coaching, mentoring, action learning and consulting.

Ultimately, ITD World’s vision is all about people. The truly shared meaning behind ITD World’s torch goes beyond global excellence, it’s about uplifting and bringing ‘light’ to people’s lives and helping individuals, organizations and nations attain their aspirations. It is about fulfilling dreams of building a happier and better world.

About ARTDO International

ARTDO INTERNATIONAL, formerly known as Asian Regional Training and Development Organization was founded in 1974 as an international non-profit NGO umbrella body comprising national training organizations, training and education institutions, HRD practitioners and multi-national companies from over 30 countries.

Based in Asia with its Secretariat in Manila, Philippines, ARTDO INTERNATIONAL organizes a major international Management and HRD Conference annually and confers a region-wide annual “Asia Pacific HRD Award” on outstanding contributors to HRD. It also publishes a reference journal, the “HRD Focus”, which is a quarterly newsletter dealing with the latest management and HRD issues and occasional papers on best practices.

About TRG International

TRG International is a global market leading professional services firm, focused on delivering technical excellence. We believe that with the right IT solutions working quietly in the background, our customers can be free to focus on their core business. TRG delivers more than just IT systems. We identify and implement the right solutions to elevate your business to a new height.