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1. COVID-19 policy objective

TRG's COVID 19 Policy

Last Updated: 24 March 2020 - Version 8

The objective of this policy is to clarify the measures we are actively taking for COVID-19. Follow all these rules diligently to help sustain a healthy and safe.

This policy is subject to change as necessary consequent to various governmental guidelines and other advisories.

Read TRG's Founder & CEO message on the pandemic

Read our Found & CEO messagge on COVID-19

2. Travel

2. 1. International Travel. We have suspended all international travel until further notice.

2.2. Domestic Travel is highly restricted. We will follow both country-specific and customer-specific travel advisories/ policies.

2.3. Quarantine/ Self-quarantine. Staff are required to self-quarantine where necessary and required.

2.4. Health Declaration. In Vietnam, you are required to fill-in Viet Nam Health declaration forms if you travel to infected areas or suffer from any illness symptoms. For other countries, please refer to your country newest policy updates, or click here for the latest Asia Pacific Regional Employment Update: COVID-19.

3. Hygiene

3.1. Personal Hygiene

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • If you have fever, cough and/ or difficulty breathing, seek immediate medical attention and inform HR
  • Take temperature daily
  • Use tissue paper whenever sneezing or coughing and dispose of it properly and immediately
  • Let's fight the pandemic together with this Corona song

3.2. Office Hygiene

  • Your temperature will be tested and recorded upon entering the TRG office. To ensure objectivity, two non-contact body temperature meters will be used at the same time. For cases of abnormal body temperature, it will be checked with a second measuring device (due to possible errors in relying on only one device).
  • Once entering the TRG office you are required to wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitiser immediately. Regular hand washing is required. Hand sanitiser is available at the TRG office entrance.
  • Hand sanitisers and tissues are provided throughout the office, please use them!
  • Offices are cleaned regularly and all high contact areas (e.g. door handles) even more so, up to once per hour.

4. Temperature checks

4.1. If you have a temperature test result greater than 38oC and lower than 39oC, you are required to leave the TRG office immediately and continue monitoring yourself at home. You need to keep a written record: monitor your temperature morning and evening; and record any other symptoms. You need to stay at home for a period of 7 days to make sure you’re fully recovered from the fever with no symptoms of  COVID-19 such as shortness of breath is reasonable. Access to the TRG office may be granted after this subject to review of records.

4.2. If you have a temperature test result equal to or greater than 39oC, we request you to immediately leave the office and continue monitoring at home for the next 14 days regardless of whether the temperature has dropped down the next day or not. If your temperature remains high and you start to have dry cough and/ or other COVID-19 symptoms, you must inform our Administrator Executive – Mrs. Tam for further support, as well as contact the relevant Government Hotline.

5. Visitors to TRG offices

5.1. Deliveries. Deliveries to the TRG office should be limited to the reception area only. All delivery personnel should also be checked for temperature like anyone else and be provided with hand sanitiser.

5.2. Other visitors. A visitor is defined as someone who is not an employee of TRG. Typically, such visitors need to come to the TRG office for multiple reasons such as:

  • Customers/ partners coming to work with TRGers, though with social distancing this should be replaced with a virtual meeting
    • This requires the prior documented approval of the team leader where they are there for a specific team purpose, e.g. signing of contract.
  • The meeting requires some papers that are only available at TRG office
    • This requires the prior documented approval of the team leader where they are there for a specific team purpose, e.g. TRV red chop for a document.
    • To facilitate 100% virtual working, come up with immediate solutions to remove this need.
  • Employees of government/ government agencies come to perform an inspection or other duties
    • This requires the prior documented approval of the team leader where they are there for a specific team purpose, e.g. Tax audit, else needs approval from Mrs. Tam, Mrs. Ha, Ms. Quynh or Rick.

6. Visiting non-TRG offices

TRGers visiting non-TRG offices is not recommended due to social distancing. If for whatever reason you do need to visit a non-TRG office then you need the documented prior approval of your team leader or Rick.

7. Recruitment interviews

Recruitment interviews will pro tem all be conducted online. All walk-in interviews are moved to online too.

8. Working in TRG office or virtually or working from home (WFH)

8.1. We allow all TRGers to work virtually and/ or WFH. Currently, any single team should avoid the whole team being in the office at the same time and this can be achieved in multiple ways, please contact your team leader for specific arrangements for your team.

8.2. Working from home (WFH) is highly recommended as part of social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

8.3. Communication within a team and across teams becomes more important than ever, therefore, standardising the communication platform is a crucial step to ensure that all TRGers are able to communicate with each other out of the office.

  • Microsoft Teams is the standard internal communications platform as we all use Office 365 already as well as Teams
  • Zoom is the standard external conferencing platform

8.4. Team meetings are crucial to foster collaboration and togetherness of TRGers as well as facilitating a smooth workflow. It’s recommended to have at least 1 meeting/week (10-15mins) to catch up with all other members, though following Agile a daily check-in has become standard in several teams already.

8.5. WFH can make people feel isolated, and we’re doing our best to avoid that by upholding our value of Collaboration and ensuring the closeness and togetherness of the TRG community. We are here for each other and we should not leave anyone behind, so check-up regularly on other TRGers.

9. Technology for virtual working

To facilitate 100% virtual working we need to ensure that everything is on cloud and accessible remotely. We have multiple cloud solutions such as Office 365 and following our Kaizen core value we encourage you to continuously find ways to automate and facilitate a more effective and efficient virtual working.

10. Social distancing (a.k.a. keeping your distance from other people)

10.1. TRGers are advised to exercise social distancing which means minimising your contact with other people including avoiding social gatherings. Additionally, in several countries already there are government guidelines as to the minimum distance, typically it is 2 metres and where applicable we also adhere to that, though the 2 metres is a sensible guideline wherever you are.

The power of social distancing - Gary WarshawCredit: Gary Warshaw, IG: @garywarshaw

10.2. Large TRG (10+ people) face to face gatherings are to be avoided. You may believe your circumstances should be an exception, and if so, you will need to seek prior documented approval from your team leader or from Rick.

  • When originally written, the TRG office regularly had dozens of people in it at any one time. Since we converted to virtual working it is rarely above 10.
  • Even so, since everyone has the habit of sitting down for lunch together, we still suggest applying social distancing.

11. Access control

11.1. All TRG employees who come to the office are required to use the Access Control when entering and leaving, that will help us establish who exactly is in the office at any point in time.

11.2. This data is essential when we face the risk of infection and the need for isolation.

11.3. To ensure hygiene and safety when using fingerprints for access control, hand-washing sanitisers will be placed next to each access control device. Staff are required to use hand sanitiser both before and after using the biometric device.

11.4. Pro tem you can use your magnetic card. Buddy punching i.e. using someone else’s card is absolutely prohibited.

12. Sick leave

12.1. If you have symptoms, such as dry cough and/ or fever, or feel poorly, stay away from the TRG office, exercise social distancing, request sick leave or WFH.

12.2. If you have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, you can only return to the office after you’ve fully recovered, tested COVID-19 negative and provide a doctor’s note confirming your recovery and ability to return to the office for work.

12.3. Suspending work to ensure the safety and health of the employee may happen if TRG considers it the best way to maintain his/ her health condition. 

12.4. Sick leave payment is subject to your Labour Contract and may vary from country to country

  • With quarantine order from a Doctor or the authorities: Maximum 30 days of full base-salary payment
  • Without quarantine order from a Doctor or the authorities: there’s so sick leave payment applicable if the employees don’t have Doctor’s quarantine, for this case Annual Paid Leave and Unpaid leave are applicable

13. References

There are a growing number of sources we have used and where possible we will document them and make the links them viewable. We will be adding more and more as we find more applicable sources to our operations.

13.1. Asia Pacific Regional Employment Update: COVID-19 | Insight | Baker McKenzie. Accessed 10 Mar. 2020.

13.2. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public | World Health Organization. Accessed 10 Mar. 2020.

13.13. (Vietnamese only) Cần làm gì khi có các biểu hiện của covid-19? | VINMEC Hospital. Accessed 15 Mar. 2020.

13.4. Country travel advisories

13.5. NCOVI is an app recommended by the Vietnam Ministry of Health to update your own health status and update the epidemic situation in Vietnam. To download the app, please click here: for iOS / for Android.

Read TRG's Founder & CEO message on the pandemic

Read our Found & CEO messagge on COVID-19

Check out the latest COVID-19 updates, protocols, helplines, and more at  TRG Info Hub


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