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Talent Management Solutions

TRG Talent provides a Talent Management Solution suite aiming to assist companies with complex issues revolving talent management activity. Covering the whole employee cycle, TRG Talent's solutions are able to help companies in many stages, from recruiting, improving performance, building teams to develop leaders and engaging employees.

TRG Talent's solutions are operated completely online, making it convenient for companies to implement and manage talent management projects.

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  • Job-Fit Solution: Helps companies find the most suitable individuals for the jobs and working environment, assists developing current employees.
  • Team Balance Solution: Helps identify the role of each team members, assesses tendencies of a team and suggests options to build, manage and develop the team.
  • Leadership Development Solution: Provides a multi-faceted perspective about leadership abilities and sketches development priority for each leader.
  • Employee Engagement Solution: Assesses personal motivation and values of each employee to find out the suitable management and motivation style.
  • Cognitive Ability Assessment Solution: Discovers thinking style, tendency to apply verbal and numerical information to problem solving of each individual.
  • Career Guidance: Identifies the suitable career orientation that fits your ability and personality.

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Talent Management Solutions