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How to best manage accounts payable

Accounts payble is a vital component in maximising financial benefits. When striving for growth, companies should less rely on manual accounts payables process, which is proven to be time consuming and labour intensive, and more on a process that allows the accounts payable function to be seen as a profit centre.

Accounts payable automation can be an efficient tool that contributes to better financial management and vendor relationship management.

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CFOs nowadays are operating in a dynamic and challenging world that requires changes almost every day to guide the business on the right path to success. They help the organisation to ensure all plans are on the right way, all initiatives are supported by proper analysis and all activities will be performed in expected levels. And this cannot be achieved without the help of one most important aspect: technology.
Business Intelligence (BI), or Business Insight, is not a tool, or a software solution. It's a concept, which has been commonly used for 30 years. BI is a set of tools, analysis, processes and methodologies to help business take control of their data to have deeper insight into the company's operation process and deliver the best strategy for future development.

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How to best manage accounts payable