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BI solution
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The information inside your company is constantly growing, and to stay competitive, your data-gathering strategy has to keep pace with business change. With multi sources of data, it can be difficult for your suers to get to all information they need. Your business needs business intelligence (BI) reporting and analytical tools that provide the most up-to-date information in a timely fashion.

Specifically designed to easy any difficulty in information processing and analysing, Infor BI solution is made to be your trustful supports for decision making in your organisation, with 3 core built-in applications:

  • Infor BI Office Plus for advanced reporting and sophisticated business analysis
  • Infor BI OLAP Server for modeling any business process and predicting results
  • Infor BI Application Studio for providing supplement reports with essential background information in a familiar spreadsheet environment

Infor BI solution is built on the universally familiar spreadsheet interface to streamline and accelerate the process of gathering, analysing, and reporting critical decision making information, in order to put the complete power of information in your hand.

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The consolidation process takes much less time and effort...and provides tremendous help to users everywhere to get financial data in a timely way
We’ve shaved off two months from our budget process—from five months to a tight three months

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The Infor BI solution

Infor BI