Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM)

You get an integrated suite of financial performance management applications, packaged analytics, and compliance tools that operates across the complex web of your enterprise systems to deliver a real-time, single version of the truth.

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"With Infor d/EPM, we have been able to define strict reporting standards, yet have also entirely tailored Kempinski’s reporting environment. This improves the user experience and drives efficiency."


Real-time decisions in context

Give your management team access to business performance data anytime, anywhere. Empower your staff to make better decisions. Do it all with one central source of truth, and a seamless connection between your transaction systems and your business intelligence


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Financial Performance Management

  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a single system; predictive modeling; operational planning; development of sub-plans for workforce budgets and sales plans
  • Tactical and operational plans; execution plans; performance measures; results tracking to evaluate performance against your plans
  • Production of consolidated financial statements; intercompany elimination entries
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A single source of the truth

See all your data, from your Infor or non-Infor systems in one place, regardless of the source.

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Integrated Solutions Deliver Unprecedented Insight

Pre-packaged content

Implement planning tools with pre-packaged content designed especially for your micro- vertical and the roles that drive your business, facilitating the adoption of best practices for your organisation.

Built-in collaboration

Automate collaboration and enable teams to focus on value-added activities vs. manually connecting and debating the accuracy of numbers.

Single source of truth

Have a single source of truth for all your business insights to better align strategy and execution.

Predictive analytics

Plan your business using predictive analytics and powerful forecasting capabilities to drive strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.


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