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About ITD World

Institute of Training and Development (ITD) World was founded by a group of visionary experts whose vision is to uplift and bring "light" to people’s lives and help individuals, organisations and nations attain their aspirations.

Its roots can be traced back to April 1984, when these experts established an intuition which quickly emerged as a leading global learning expert focusing primarily on leadership and talent development, training, coaching, mentoring, action learning and consulting.

Their mission is: “Transforming leaders and changing the world for the better”

Today, ITD World's core activities include:

  • Talent and Leadership Development
  • Corporate Training and Consulting
  • Professional Competency Certification
  • Mega Events and Seminars
  • Coaches, Mentors and Speakers Bureau
  • Community Services and Campaigns

President & CEO


  • President and CEO of ITD World, the Global Leadership Development Expert
  • World #1 Coach for Strategic Innovation awarded by Dr Marshall Goldsmith, World #1 Executive Coach
  • First Asian in the world to be ranked #4 among the top Global Coaching Gurus
  • Inventor of the Coaching for Breakthrough Success Meta Model and the Situational Coaching Model.
  • Author of 5 Levels of Mastery with Dr Marshall Goldsmith.
  • Author of Coaching for Breakthrough Success with Jack Canfield.
  • Author of Becoming and Effective Mentoring Leader and The Leader’s Daily Role in Talent Management with William J. Rothwell who is an award-winning author of over 80 books and Professor at Pennsylvania State University.
  • Author of The 12 Disciplines of Leadership Excellence with Brian Tracy who has written 60 books in 38 languages.
  • Doctor of Business Administration Degree from the University of South Australia, MSc. in Training and HRM from the University of Leicester, UK.
  • Chief developer of the Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional (CCMP) program which is fully recognized and approved by ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Recipient of the ARTDO Internal Management and HRD Excellence Award

Upcoming events

ITD World develops over 238 programs. Their impressive team consists of more 100 dedicated mega gurus, industry experts, leading trainers, speakers, coaches, and consultants from around the world.

For more information on each of their upcoming events, please click on the images to get directed to the dedicated resource page.

Certified Chief Master Coach


Commencing 29 September 2021

The perfect opportunity for you to directly discuss and learn for five of the world's best coaches in leadership, coaching, mentoring, and talent maximisation.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the program, investment value, and specific dates and times for each lesson.

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Commencing 12 November 2021

This program enables leaders to coach teams for sustainable results, growth, and development. The skills and competencies gained allows them to break down the silos in their organisations. By engaging and synergising the diverse strengths of people, team coaching leaders form a coherent force to attain breakthrough goals.

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Virtual programs

About TRG International

"I'm a firm believer that coaching can truly unlock an individual's potential and empower them to reach their maximum capability.

As a partner, a coach and a coachee, ITD World's programs have helped me to connect with myself as well as helped me to connect with my employees, understand the want, the need, and the why within ourselves, thus, enabling us to strive harder to achieve breakthrough results."

Rick Yvanovich - TRG International

Rick Yvanovich
Founder & CEO - TRG International

TRG International is a global market leading professional services firm, focused on delivering technical excellence. We believe that with the right IT solutions working quietly in the background, our customers can be free to focus on their core business. TRG delivers more than just IT systems. We identify and implement the right solutions to elevate your business to a new height.

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