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Infor HMS - Hospitality Management Solution

Manage every aspect of hospitality with one solution

Infor HMS is a cloud-based hotel property management software capable of delivering a seamless guest experience by integrating front desk and back office operations into one single end-to-end system.

With Infor HMS, hotel businesses are now able to achieve:



Allow guests to manage check-in and check-out, housekeeping services, concierge, and lost-and-found tracking functions at anytime or anywhere in the hotel. Find out more! 


Automated workflows

Customise dashboards to fit specific roles, create workflows that are easy to follow and maintain. Find out more!


Personalised guest experience

Maintain a single version of the truth about your guest preferences, automate match and merger of guest data, providing a better and more personalised guest service. Find out more!

Experience Infor HMS first hand and see how this robust solution can help your hotel drive both bottomline and top line, request a FREE demo today!

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