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Infor OS

The Next-Generation Enterprise Technology Platform

Infor Operating Service, or more commonly known as Infor OS, serves as the underlying foundation for your entire enterprise ecosystem. Infor OS offers automation and seamless integration between Infor solutions and other third-party applications to increase user's productivity.

Infor OS includes the following applications:

Infor Coleman AI

Artificial Intelligence

To automate repetitive administrative tasks and is entirely accessible via voice or chat.

Infor ION integration

Infor ION

Connect you disparate systems to eliminate the issues with fragmented information.

Birst business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Gain higher productivity as well as a rich and intuitive user experience.

Infor document management

Infor Document Management

Manage, store, print, scan, and approve files with ease.

Data lake on Infor OS

Data Lake

Store all of your data in one place for easy management and enable real-time acccess to relevant information.







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