TRG We Paint at PJ's Coffee Sala

TRG Activity: We paint @ PJ's Coffee


Any skill can be learned and practiced, and painting is no exception. Have you ever wanted to paint something that you imagine? Have you ever wanted to decorate your home with your own paintings? Have you ever wondered if you have an artist inside you? 

Whether you are looking to unleash your inner artist or learn some basic painting skills or just to have some fun, come join the TRG Activity: We paint @PJ’s Coffee.

This is an event of the series of “TRG Activity: We paint @ PJ’s Coffee”. TRG opens this event to the public to raise the awareness of work-life balance in the community. By joining this event, you have shown the world that work-life balance is not something that you find, it is something that you do and create. Here’s the schedule of all the events:

What you paint:

We paint  -Blossom_8_JULY.jpg

8 July - Blossom


We paint - Peaceful - 23 Sep.jpg

22 July - Peaceful


We paint - Ricefield_5_AUGUST.jpg

5 August - Rice Field


We paint - Autumn_19_AUGUST.jpg

19 August - Autumn


We paint - Wild Cat - 9 Sep.jpg

9 September - Wild Cat


We paint - Sunrise - 23 Sep.jpg

23 September - Sunrise


We paint - Autumn waves

8 October - Autumn Waves


We paint - Peaceful nature 

22 October - Peaceful Nature


We paint - Blossom 2 -7 Oct.jpg

5 November - Blossom


We paint - The gate

19 November - The Gate


We paint - Lanterns

3 December - Lanterns Up High

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We paint - Daisy 

17 December - Daisy Flower

Event Register

 What you get

  • Learn how to paint step by step from the artist
  • Paint yourself a 40x50cm painting to decorate your home
  • Enjoy fun moments that help recharge and invigorate you
  • Network and meet with new and interesting people
  • Learn a new skill that helps strengthen your creativity
  • Free drink at PJ’s Coffee

And if work-life balance is your lifestyle, then you don’t want to miss this event. Are you ready to get creative?