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Infor is a New York-based enterprise software giant, widely known for its innovative, out-of-the-box and industry-specific solutions. Since its merge with Koch Industries, Infor has invested countless resources into enhancing customer success; a sizable number of their success stories are about customers successfully transitioning to using cloud-based solutions, or more specifically, the Infor CloudSuites.

Running in the background of these Infor CloudSuites, BI and Analytics tool, or Infor SunSytems is Infor’s next-generation enterprise technology platform called Infor OS designed to bring productivity, seamless integration, and the best of all, artificial intelligence together.

What is Infor OS?

Infor OS, or “Infor Operating Service”, is an innovative cloud platform that significantly advances Infor CloudSuites, a set of cloud-based solutions for enterprises. It can be considered as your future operating service and served as the foundation for your digital transformation. It puts the users at the centre of every experience. In general, it is the underlying infrastructure that enables users to automate, anticipate, collaborate and stay informed in all things that they can do. 

Infor OS provides:  

  • Easier integrations  
  • Secure single sign-on 
  • Better user management 
  • Less maintenance  

With Infor OS, organisations can quickly adapt to changes and scale the platform as the business grows. The platform also helps them simplify their IT landscape to work more efficiently with the increase in terms of collaboration and productivity. Thus, organisations can reduce overall costs and gain a competitive advantage. 

Infor OS can be deployed in two ways: in the (private) cloud or on-premise. Therefore, wherever you work (your office, home, or on the road), accessing your applications will always be secure and reliable. 

Benefits of Infor OS

After understanding the main benefits that Infor OS can bring to you, now it is time to cover information about its features. There are three major values Infor OS can bring to your business: productivity, integration, and automation. 

Infor OS - The Infor strategy


The core focus of Infor OS is on the productivity and experience of the users. Hence, Hook & Loop (Infor's in-house creative agency) aims for Infor OS’ features to be useful by defining and refining user experiences right from the start.

And Infor is now able to suggest which should be done next with the Infor Coleman AI, Infor’s very own artificial intelligence application. The built-in AI capability helps a lot in automating processes, predicting issues and recommending the next best-sale offers in the organisation. And with the ability to take care of both front-end and back-end sides, Infor Coleman AI can guarantee a friendly and time-saving experience for users. 


Infor OS allows businesses to seamlessly integrate both Infor and non-Infor applications, enabling them to build their own connected and data-rich network of systems.  

To be specific, users can plug in any Infor application at any business process and connect them in any type of Infor CloudSuite without difficulties and then choose to work either on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

All information is deposited in a secure data lake, providing organisation-wide users with a single source of the truth. Data can then be fed into an advanced analytics application for further processing and generating insights. Moreover, the Coleman AI can collect datasets and provide API (Application Programming Interface) and feedback to applications or services.


Coleman AI is definitely an integral and essential element of Infor OS. It can analyse how users do their job and later do the work for them.  

For instance, Coleman AI can find out how a manager approves expenses for his / her department. After that, it helps the manager do the background work so that the manager can focus on the main tasks.   

Users can certainly leverage Coleman AI to make every single decision by examining how the application learns their processes, and thus, decide on their own whether they can trust Coleman to assist them in the background.

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Features of Infor OS

Infor OS serves as the foundation for your entire enterprise ecosystem, providing seamless integration between systems, a unified user experience across all applications, and organisation-wide visibility into the real-time information you need to drive your business.

Infor OS is more of a package of several products working in synchrony. What are they, and how do they work? Read on to understand the endless possibilities companies can reap from these solutions.


Infor OS comes with a myriad of built-in applications to serve practically your every need. 

Infor Birst Business Analytics 

Basically, it is a networked (cloud) business intelligence and analytics platform, which delivers meaningful insights for everybody. It makes business analytics easier to consume with useful information/content implanted wherever people need them. Moreover, Infor Birst can reduce manual tasks with automation, utilise all styles of analytics or share them with customers, suppliers. 

Birst’s networked BI virtualises the entire BI ecosystem, transforming every aspect of an organisation’s approach to analytics. Built on top of Birst’s modern, multi-tenant native cloud architecture, networked BI automates the creation of a set of interwoven BI instances that deliver a shared version of the truth. The result is enterprise-grade scalability with unprecedented speed and end-user freedom. 

On top of the shared version of the truth, Birst provides an adaptive user experience, supporting all styles of business analytics. 

Infor Coleman AI

Named after the talented mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson, Infor Coleman AI is a machine learning, chat, voice, and image recognition robot used to automate tasks, anticipate potential problems, and suggest the next-best actions. With the help of Coleman, AI projects become less complex and you do not have to worry about unpredictable service engagements. Being built on the foundation of the Infor OS platform, Infor Coleman makes all complex technologies (e.g.. machine learning, voice user experience) reachable.  

In general, Coleman AI has some main key features as follows: 

  • Playing a role as a single space for all AI projects in the organisation. 
  • Integrating AI insights with logic and custom applications. 
  • Enabling project implementation faster. 
  • Becoming an interface that brings AI power to business users. 

Additionally, Coleman AI provides chat-based queries, processing and inquiries. For example: 

  • Coleman, run Ledger Import 
  • Coleman, what’s the balance for account AB12300 
  • Coleman, drill down to Journal Number 120

Infor Ming.le

Infor Ming.leis a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement and contextual analytics. Its innovative social media concept enables an employee to work more effectively as it combines social communication and business processes. The major difference between Infor Ming.le and other information-sharing technologies is Ming.le is fully embedded with the organisation's main systems, for example, ERP and accounting software.  

The main function of Infor Ming.le is to provide a centralised platform forcollaborationamong users. The application organises conversations into enterprise-wide streams; share key screens, data, and attachments. Employees work more effectively from across the enterprise with relevant data displayed automatically based on the context of discussions.

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Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION)

Infor ION is a powerful middleware that enables seamless integration of Infor and non-Infor systems to happen.  

In most cases, a system primarily serves one particular business function – finance, production, procurement, sales, etc. A lot of business processes, on the other hand, are interdepartmental. This makes automated workflows much harder to achieve. 

An advanced middleware application should be able to allow systems to operate as a unified whole and to remain independent at the same time. Information is no longer siloed but flows more freely across systems. Interdepartmental processes can be automated more easily, which consequently will result in improved productivity and lowered costs. 

Users can create and monitor workflows to improve exception management. ION can also connect applications to events in your business process, especially if one application is replaced or even fail, there will be no negative effects to the entire network. Information is accessible in real-time, and system maintenance is less costly and complex. 

Besides, by including workflow, the system can push approvals and alert the appropriate people to speed up their resolution when problems arise. The system allows you to keep track of every person in the workflow and automatically holds everyone in the workflow responsible for their role.

Infor Data Lake

Infor Data Lake integrates all of your data on CloudSuite, Internet of Things, documents, third-party application data… into just one repository, allowing you to utilise your data sources to the fullest.  

Infor Data Lake provides customers with many advanced functions such as data ingestion with Infor ION and Infor ION API Gateway, metadata management by Infor Data Catalog, and powering new data warehousing strategies. Users can access and consume data that meet their varied needs (APIs, SQL, Elastic Search, etc.). 

Infor Data Lake, however, still has its own limitations. It requires data analytical skills from users to use a variety of raw, unprocessed data effectively.  

According to the new approach to process data of Data Lake, ELT is the future of big data and BI applications. Hence, to get more success for your organisation in the future, it is necessary for you to dip into the Data Lake as soon as possible. 

Infor Document Management 

Infor Document Management (IDM), as an integral part of Infor OS, enables you and your team to work with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Infor Document Management is a central repository where you can maintain your common business rules for creating documents, as well as all of your documents

Infor Document Management uses soft links, based on document metadata, to provide your accountants with tight integration between your documents and, for instance, SunSystems.  

Since Infor SunSystems 6.3, users can view and attach business documents in context to the records on which they are working, or click on a document link and Infor Document Management will retrieve the document from the central repository.  

For instance, when users open a Sales Order record, they can also see the associated sales order document on the same screen (Photo below). Users can also share documents with Infor Ming.le.

IDM (Infor Document Management)

Infor Mongoose 

It is a development platform optimised for desktop or tablets/smartphones that allows users to quickly create an app for their business.  

To do so, Infor Mongoose provides you with a core working application, and from that, you can add new functionalities, modify it, or do whatever you want to.  

Once done, Infor Mongoose will automatically publish your application for desktop, tablet, and smartphone interfaces. It will also take care of the upgrade and update of the application automatically on your behalf.  

Customers can develop strong enterprise capabilities based on enterprise needs, whether it is an intuitive, consumer-grade web interface or a high-productivity form, with minimal coding, Infor Mongoose can help them create the right experience.  

Producing feature-rich applications that are automatically upgradeable and deployable on-premises or in the cloud, Mongoose is a low-cost, unified development platform.

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With Birst, we’re increasing efficiencies, decreasing costs, making better decisions, and improving employee productivity. We expect to save more than 100 hours per month in time spent generating reports now that we have access to a single, centralized source of information.

Matt Volk

The reason we decide to go with Birst is because it's an enterprise solution that could meet all of our core analytic needs... Looking at Birst's road map, it closely aligns with the vision and strategy we've put together for data analytic at CheapCarribean that just felt like a perfect match.

Jason Seiple CheapCaribbean