Monitoring of XenDesktop 7 with Director and EdgeSight, taking it to the next level

The latest generation of Citrix XenDesktop delivers apps, data and desktops on a unified platform, allowing organizations to define and scale their virtual infrastructure in more ways, quickly, easily and economically. Citrix Director and EdgeSight complement this unified solution with comprehensive integrated management and monitoring for every part of the Citrix environment. Customers can speed to resolution for user issues, monitor network performance and user experience, and gain insight into current trends to better plan for the future.

Director and EdgeSight provides:
•    Comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting to understand every aspect of
the Citrix environment
•    The ability to correlate end-user experience with Citrix application and desktop
delivery visibility into the Citrix protocol
•    A single pane of glass solution for troubleshooting and monitoring
•    Capacity management and insight into health and performance trends
This paper explores the capabilities of Director and EdgeSight, including EdgeSight Performance Management and EdgeSight network analytics, which leverages NetScaler Insights for real-time network insight into the Citrix protocol.