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Infor SunSystems

Infor is a multi-national enterprise software company, headquartered in New York City, United States.

Infor SunSystems is a modern, comprehensive financial accounting management solution designed to help international enterprises and fast-growing companies handle complex financial activities.

Infor SunSystems is deployable on-premise as well as in the cloud. The solution connects seamlessly with other enterprise software and enables businesses to obtain a centralised, real-time view of the current performance. With complete data visibility, companies can gain the upper hand to compete in today's ever-changing market.


Compete globally

For more than 30 years, Infor SunSystems has been the financial management solution of choice for more than 9,000 customers in 190+ countries across the globe. Infor SunSystems can accommodate the requirements of various industries, ranging from hospitality to non-profit, oil and gas, banking and many more with minimal customisation and quick and easy implementation. 

The multi-currency, multi-language capabilities in Infor SunSystems empower your business to face any challenge head-on. What’s more, expand your footprint to international markets and reach new heights with confidence by leveraging Infor SunSystems’ built-in global support. Infor SunSystems version 6 and onwards fully supports the 17 most widely used languages.  

As your business grows, the solution also “grows” with you. Its flexible deployment options and scalability empower you to adapt to complex business changes, update quickly, and still meet financial regulations. 

Make informed financial decisions faster 

Infor SunSystems is deployable and accessible via the cloud. Its in-context analysis and Business Intelligence empower you to gain actionable insights in real time; thus, you are able to respond quickly to any event. Add to this is the multi-dimensional analysis and the ability to quickly drill down information so you can have a more in-depth view of your organisation. 

The immediate access to relevant data, from revenue to costs, customers, suppliers, bank accounts, cash, investments, assets, accruals and more can help you to streamline your reporting and analysis processes in-line with your business development needs.  

What’s more, Infor SunSystems stores all of your data in one single repository which helps to eliminate silos and ensure the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of your information. The increased accuracy is the catalyst for your business to thrive and be more agile in the market.

Stay compliant internationally and locally 

With built-in audit trails, alerts and sophisticated data reconciliation, Infor SunSystems gives you the ability to manage complex international financial reporting standards (IFRS) as well as ensures your company stays compliant with the local statutory and other regulatory requirements. 

In addition to IFRS, Infor SunSystems offers the flexibility to customise processes, which enables you to follow common accounting standards today, such as GAAP and UK/ US GAAP. 

Powerful integration capabilities 

You can integrate Infor SunSystems with various common business systems (CRM, banking, payroll, etc.) available in the market, thereby eliminating the need to export, modify, and import Excel spreadsheets manually among systems. 

SunSystems’ integration capabilities are further bolstered by the introduction of Infor OS (Infor Operating Services) the enterprise technology platform designed to bring productivity, seamless integration, and artificial intelligence together.  

Infor OS allows for seamless integration between your SunSystems and other applications from Infor or other third-party vendors. Users can work either on-premises, in the cloud, or both. For instance, an on-premises ERP and a cloud-based CRM or enterprise asset management can work together effortlessly.

With this integration, Infor is capable of keeping track of all of the information in a secure so-called “data lake.” Hence, users can connect all enterprise data to an advanced analytics application or do enterprise search. 

Quick implementation

Other key SunSystems’ differentiators are its flexibility to customise for various industries and its ability to provide a standardised core financial product and a lower total cost of ownership.

Infor SunSystems allows for quick implementation even on a global scale. When the non-profit organisation ‘The Seventh-day Adventist Church’ decided to roll out SunSystems across 1,500 sites around the world, they did not expect the implementation to take just a few weeks. The feat is even more remarkable because these sites are all so different, varying from schools to hospitals and from publishing houses to food industries.

Features & Functionalities

Take full use of Infor SunSystems' robust, flexible and advanced capabilities to strengthen your competitive advantage and make impactful decisions that drive future growth.

Financial management

Infor SunSystems offers one single, integrated ledger to unify all of your financial components. Long were the days when you have to create multiple, separate ledgers for receivables, payables, projects, or fixed assets.

The idea behind this unified ledger is to avoid duplications and errors. The integration and real-time processing ensure all accounts are always up-to-date and balanced.  

The single ledger environment also allows you the freedom to attach multiple analysis codes to each ledger entry, account, and data entity for easy extraction and reporting of data. You also have the freedom to control these analysis codes and reporting structures however you deem fit. 

Besides, Infor SunSystems provides dual-base currencies throughout the entire accounting suite. The feature is especially useful when you have to report to the parent company overseas. Or you can also buy, sell, and stock goods in any currency and use Infor SunSystems to record the transaction. 

The Financials feature in Infor SunSystems brings the following robust components to cope with a wide range of accounting requirements: 

  • General Ledger 
  • Accounts Payable/Purchase Ledger 
  • Accounts Receivable/Sales Ledger 
  • Client Ledger 
  • Budgeting 
  • Corporate Allocations 
  • Consolidation 
  • Project/Job Costing 
  • Report Writers 

Performance management 

Infor SunSystems' in-context analysis and Business Intelligence quickly make sense of the ever-increasing amounts of information that your company generates daily, and turn them into actionable insights, which are the underlying elements for effective budgeting and planning strategies.  

The solution provides one single version of the truth for the entire business by streamlining and consolidating information from third parties and legacy applications.  

The advanced reporting functionality enables you to deliver critical financial metrics and KPIs to the right individuals, in the right format, at the right time. 

As information derives from one single source, you can rest assured that they are always accurate and up-to-date. Therefore, you can simplify the planning, budgeting and forecasting processes, and reduce the time needed for financial planning by up to 70% using every possible tool you need right in one place. 

Purchase management 

The robust spending control and management capabilities within Infor SunSystems enable you and your employees to obtain optimal oversight over all purchasing activities and divide up responsibilities amongst a large number of employees. 

Moreover, Infor SunSystems provides web-based, end-to-end procure-to-pay functionality and supports both centralised and decentralised purchasing. You can now streamline the purchasing activities with tools already given in Infor SunSystems.  

Using only one tool for requisitions, orders, contracts, receipts as well as invoices and reconciliation allows you to minimise errors and frees up your employees' time for more critical tasks.  

Infor SunSystems incorporates a multi-level approval workflow and allows you to set up predefined rules to maintain tight control over current activities and ensure everything is according to your corporate policies. You can also raise requisitions directly from Infor SunSystems and let them automatically pass through the multi-level approval workflow. 

Order management

The order fulfilment management feature in Infor SunSystems gives you the ability to be in complete control of your sales, purchasing, and inventory management operations.  

The feature enables you to gain maximum visibility into inventory levels, trace the good's whereabouts, and sustain an optimal quantity of each item available. 

Furthermore, you can build order processes and sequence your transactions any way you want to. And due to the integrated nature, your ledger and inventory will be automatically updated in real-time. The mobile application empowers your employees to access quality data and manage work while on the go. 

When it comes to sales management, the function acts as a one-stop shop to efficiently manage all of your sales activities with this function, from the sales of goods and services to customer information and invoice handling. 

What's worth noting is Infor SunSystems integrates seamlessly with the wider supply chain by connecting with your partners and customers. The system facilitates smooth, effective sales management to ensure you can optimise your operations and achieve desirable results. 

Fixed asset 

The fixed asset register feature in Infor SunSystems is where you store and record all descriptive details of your assets, along with associated acquisition, disposal, depreciation and other relevant information.  

These details can be immediately called upon to create asset reports that match your needs, audit, or review past asset information. 

With this feature, asset depreciation will be calculated and posted automatically to the appropriate Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.  

Infor SunSystems Fixed Asset allows you to have up to 11 different valuations for each asset, one in the "actuals" asset record and the other ten in the "budget" ledgers. This means that up to 11 alternative depreciation methods can be applied to each asset. 

In a multi-currency environment, asset valuations can have up to three currencies: base, transaction, and second base/ reporting currency. You can apply different depreciation methods to value and depreciate assets in different currencies based on separate book value and asset life details. 

Data management 

Infor SunSystems Enterprise Data Management (EDM) allows you to synchronise key static data to business units across different SunSystems installations connected via ION. You only need to enter information about customers, suppliers, items, and currency rates once and they will be propagated automatically to other business units.  

As Infor SunSystems stores data in one single, optimised repository, it is easier to look up relevant information whenever you need to. Furthermore, data also remains consistent across the organisation.  

Infor SunSystems' Enterprise Data Management feature promotes a more efficient approach to corporate data management and allows you to generate intercompany reports, close the books, and make informed financial decisions faster.  


Infor Query and Analysis (previously known as Vision) is a handy tool for ad-hoc query and reporting that empowers both technical and non-technical users to take full advantage of data 24/7. 

Infor Query and Analysis offers a familiar-looking interface by integrating with Excel. In addition to being easy to use, Infor Query and Analysis is also dynamic and has multi-language, multi-currency, and robust business intelligence tools. 

You can perform queries across multiple applications, get various options for visualising data (which includes multi-dimensional cues and charts) and pull the resulting data, and performance measurements back to one single report. 

In addition to Infor Query and Analysis, Infor SunSystems also offers SunSystems Reporting Services (SRS), an intuitive reporting and documentation production tool that allows you to record data-based reporting object models. 

SRS comprises the following modules: 

  • Report designer - an easy-to-use report design tool; view, print, and publish documents of various formats. 
  • Report manager - provides an environment where you can organise, generate, view, store, print, and transform reports into different formats via a Web Browser interface. 
  • Report backups - store, backup, or restore folders and individual report items. 
  • Report schedules - let the reports be automatically created at predetermined times and intervals. You can still modify the schedule or add more reports even when the time and frequency have been established. 
  • Report models - synchronise business unit-specific definitions for analysis and value labels into a simplified model structure. 


An e-invoice can greatly benefit your business in many ways, such as helping you to simplify the process of account reconciliation, reducing costs associated with printing, storing, and processing paper invoices, and improving customer satisfaction with fewer payment issues.

E-invoice solutions can be integrated into Infor SunSystems to streamline your invoicing needs. Despite being an ad-hoc application, e-invoice can still provide you, the users, with the necessary tools to make your daily operations a breeze.

The solution is capable of:

  • Synchronising with SunSystems database in real-time
  • Supporting local VAT and tax regulations
  • Automatically collating all payments for individual customers and generating invoices accordingly
  • Maintaining an audit trail of all transactions
  • Easy looking up and managing details of sales and purchase invoices
  • Designing your own invoice or select one from the library with hundreds of templates

Integration Capabilities

Businesses can’t expect to become fully functioning and accomplish everything from A to Z using only one single software. There are instances where it is necessary to integrate with other applications.  

Infor SunSystems offers powerful and flexible integration capabilities allowing you to connect with other Infor products in the same CloudSuite family or non-Infor software to create your very own best-of-breed solution that not only suits your business needs but is also affordable. 

SunSystems Connect

SunSystems Connect (SSC) is an open integration toolset that allows the web and other applications to access data stored in SunSystems and submit commercial transactions in real time. 

SSC is developed using Java and publishes externally a series of components which is accessible via XML messages. 

In essence, SSC enables other applications (that are compatible with industry-standard XML) to connect with Infor SunSystems and perform the following actions: 

  • Access reference information 
  • Pass data to SunSystems for processing 
  • Access a specific process within SunSystems 

Infor OS 

Infor SunSystems is powered by Infor OS (which is short for Infor Operating Service), a next-generation technology platform that is packed full of powerful capabilities. 

You will also have access to the following capabilities once Infor OS is implemented: 

1. Infor Document Management 

A centralised repository to store and manage all of your documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, statements, etc. 

These documents can be contextually attached to specific records for easy search and retrieval from within Infor SunSystems. Infor Document Management is a useful module that can help your organisation to save on cost, time, and storage space, as well as cut down on paper waste. 

2. Infor Ming.le 

A social collaboration platform that mimics the look and feels of popular social networking sites today. Infor Ming.le allows you to communicate with your colleagues through the typical commenting, tagging, and file attaching, thus, ensuring information is accessible, searchable, and centralised. 

A feature that is indeed “copied” from the social media world is the "follow" button, allowing you to stay on top of projects or “highlight” people and receive specified notifications about things that are happening within your precinct. 

Furthermore, as Infor Mingle stores all of your tasks and data in a centralised platform, it allows you to drill back on reports, search for information, a particular component in the past, or a process that, for example, might be causing a spike in costs. 

3. Infor ION 

Infor Intelligent Open Network (Infor ION) is a middleware solution to help you achieve maximum efficiency and enhanced business processes. 

Infor ION is built upon HTML-5 and other open-source technologies to act as an integration tool to connect both Infor and non-Infor systems. You now have in your hand the tool to freely and safely implement systems that can work together harmoniously. This means your business can significantly save on costly rewrites of hardcoded integrations when things change. 

The middleware solution also offers you the freedom to customise it any way you see fit. You can create your own custom workflows with a simple drag-and-drop method, assemble your reports with your preferred data, and let your employees create their own notifications that are most relevant to them. 

4. Infor Mongoose 

Infor Mongoose is an application development framework that is accessible via any standard web browser. The solution aims at empowering users to build and design their version of enterprise applications quickly and easily without having to be an expert in coding. 

To do so, Infor Mongoose provides you with a core working application, and from that, you can add new functionalities, modify it, or do whatever you want to. 

Once done, Infor Mongoose will automatically publish your application for desktop, tablet, and smartphone interfaces. It will also take care of the upgrade and update of the application automatically on your behalf. 

The designing process in Infor Mongoose is also quick and easy. Mimicking the look and feel of Windows applications, Infor Mongoose can help you to reduce training costs, increase productivity, and speed up the application designing process. 

5. Birst Business Analytics 

Birst is a native cloud business intelligence and analytics platform that empowers users to obtain and understand insights in less time than traditional BI solutions. 

Birst's semantic layer brings you a single version of the truth, boosts your confidence when making decisions, and eliminates silos. 

Birst's "networked BI" connects applications across the organisation through a trusted network of analytics and insights, virtualises them, and creates a set of interwoven analytics and BI instances that share a common data-as-a-service fabric. 

On top of providing a single version of the truth, Birst also offers adaptive user experience, from visual discovery to interactive dashboards, analytic view, offline mobile application, smart analytics, and self-service data prep to support a wide range of business analytics requirements. 

6. Infor Data Lake 

Infor Data Lake unites all data on CloudSuite, Internet of Things, documents, and third-party application data into one single repository to help you utilise the power of data to the fullest. 

Infor Data Lake provides you with an abundance of advanced functions to accommodate your data consumption needs through an assortment of interfaces, such as intelligent data ingestion, metadata managementBig Data architecture, and more. 

The application applies the ELT (extract, load, transform) approach and data push capabilities to generate clean, useful, near real-time insights, analysis, and useful forecasts. 

Additionally, Infor's latest application, Approva GRC, combines with Coleman AI not only will give you real-time risk analysis but also will enable you to detect fraud and identify emerging trends, which greatly benefits the decision-making process. 

7. Infor Coleman AI 

Infor OS promotes user productivity and user experience by integrating their very own Artificial Intelligence assistant - Infor Coleman AI.

Coleman AI is designed to automate business processes and proactively give users advice on what action to take next by learning how users do their jobs.  

Recent Releases

Infor SunSystems Cloud (SunSystems 7/ SunSystems SaaS)

Many forward-thinking CFOs have started to move their financial management solutions to the cloud to be more agile and to respond faster to market changes.

Infor SunSystems Cloud, the first SunSystems version ever to be on a multi-tenant cloud, was officially revealed on Oct 18, 2022. With this release, the venerable accounting software and its extensive ecosystem have entered a new era.

What benefits does this whole SunSystems SaaS/ Multi-tenant cloud have to offer? The most obvious one is cost optimisation, which helped internationally recognised luxury hotel brand Accor in its post-COVID recovery. However, this cloud model also enables smaller businesses to take advantage of modern, innovative software without breaking the bank. Software updates and maintenance rest entirely in the hand of your vendor, thus freeing up your own IT resources.

Certainly, SunSystems Cloud offers more than just cost optimisation. The solution guarantees to bring a modern, intuitive experience with minimal training and easy-to-use navigation to help you quickly find relevant information, create real-time queries, or drill down to the source of the transaction.

Let's also not forget about compliance. Compliance is a challenging and downright daunting subject that businesses have no option but to follow diligently.

Learn more: 7 Things to Know About the Newly Launched Infor SunSystems Cloud

Check out the table below for a more detailed comparison between SunSystems SaaS and its previous releases. 

Move Your Accounting to the True Cloud with SunSystems 7 SaaS

How can you migrate to SunSystems Cloud?

Customers using SunSystems 4, SunSystems 6.3, and SunSystems 6.4 can move directly to SunSystems Cloud.

Customers using SunSystems 6.2 must move to SunSystems 6.4 before going to SunSystems Cloud.

Customers using SunSystems 6.1 must move to SunSystems 6.3 before going to SunSystems Cloud.

Customers using SunSystems 5.4 must move to SunSystems 6.2, and then 6.4 before going to SunSystems Cloud.

Customers using SunSystems 5.3 must move to SunSystems 6.1, and then 6.3 before going to SunSystems Cloud.

Infor SunSystems v6.4

Infor SunSystems became a part of Infor OS since the 6.4 release and came along with it was a diverse range of advanced and intuitive functions that guarantee to digitally transform and supercharge the financial management process.

Infor SunSystems now can be seamlessly integrated with a host of other Infor products including Infor HCM, Infor CloudSuiteInfor HMS, Infor CRM, and many more.

Starting SunSystems 6.4, the brand will make security an indispensable part of the solution with an increasing number of security measurements, including:

  • Single sign-on 
  • Security settings by Users/Roles/Groups 
  • Auditing and Monitoring 
  • Risk & Compliance 
  • Insights 

Additional updates for Infor SunSystems 6.4 include procurement enhancements, 64-bit support, and Infor API adoption for Infor OS. 

Infor SunSystems v6.3 

When Infor SunSystems version 6.3 became available, it was believed to be revolutionising, a significant step up in both power and scalability. Compared to the original SunSystems 4, the 6.3 version offered greater agility, flexibility and much more control for companies with complex financial requirements, global operations, or multi-currency trading. 

One of the most significant transformations is the user experience and usability and the availability of mobile viewing and processing to accommodate the users' habit of resolving tasks using smartphone apps.

Multi-currency functionality has always been a key strength of Infor SunSystems. For the 6.3 release, users will be able to create different sets of exchange rates for different purposes and have control of when and how they can use a specific rate type. 

This version came fully integrated with Infor Ming.le, Infor Document Management and Infor ION. It also came equipped with an external web portal that creates a centralised platform for communicating with your external stakeholders (e.g. suppliers), allowing them to load and update information like purchasing orders, invoices, order history, etc. for easy management.

The automated master data management in Infor SunSystems 6.3 can automatically move, add, and modify data across every business unit, which is particularly useful for large enterprises. 

Infor SunSystems for Hospitality

Challenged by the extremely seasonality, complicated consumer buying patterns coupled with the battle for consumer loyalty while maintaining healthy, steady growth are what the hospitality industry has to face day and night. 

To add fuel to the fire are the multi-currency, multi-lingual requirements. These are the reasons why many hoteliers choose to deploy Infor SunSystems for Hospitality to optimise critical business processes and improve forecasting accuracy. 

  • Seamless integration: Infor SunSystems integrates seamlessly with the hotel's current property management software, CRM, POS, F&B management systems and more to streamline the reservation processes. The solution acts as a link between the front and back offices and supports all daily operation activities from rebooking to cancellations, and payment. 
  • Automate reporting: Daily revenue, KPIs, flash reports, management reports, and statutory reports are generated with pre-built, industry-standard report templates that Infor SunSystems has to offer. With a role-based dashboard, users can have every critical performance metric and financial measurement displayed and visualised on one screen. 
  • Flexibility to grow: Infor SunSystems offers multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-book in addition to the ability to deploy in the cloud and easy access via any mobile device. It is a financial management solution of choice for not only five-star, luxury chain brands but also for independent, boutique hotels with a limited budget. 
  • Top-notch security: Infor SunSystems ensure both the hotel’s employees and guests are well protected. It has layered security which is constantly monitored. The solution also complies with various accounting standards (VAS, IFRS, IAS, US-GAAP) as well as local and industry requirements.

Read more: Learn how the luxury hotel brand Accor rebounds with Infor SunSystems

Infor SunSystems for Financial Services

The financial services sector still experiences the lingering effects of the global financial crisis plus new challenges come from disruptive technologies, extensive regulatory changes, and a higher demand for trust and transparency.

It is crucial to stay compliant and meet the high expectations of various stakeholders. With Infor SunSystems, financial institutes can quickly generate compelling analysis using real-time data to combat modern-day's issues. 

  • Global capabilities: Infor SunSystems provides robust multi-language, multi-entity, and multi-currency capabilities of up to 5 reporting currencies per transaction. The solution also comes equipped with Infor Ming.le, which allows employees to communicate efficiently across multiple departments and locations.
  • Fast consolidation: Instead of waiting for weeks to close the books, Infor SunSystems can accelerate the consolidation process and ensure the integrity and credibility of the financial insights.
  • Flexible analysis: Financial institutes can instantly generate reports on revenue/ expenses by the fund, trade, contract, employee, project, company or any other definable analysis dimension.
  • User-defined dashboard: View relevant information in real time and quickly act upon new opportunities via a role-based dashboard. The solution enables users to limit access or drill down transactions to specific levels.
  • Multi-dimensional reporting: Infor SunSystems streamlines processes like month-end close, consolidation, management, and financial reporting in addition to the ability to generate and customise ad hoc reports. Thus, the solution enables financial services organisations to save on both time and resources.

Infor SunSystems for Non-profit Organisations

Non-profit organisations face the challenge of maintaining complete visibility of the entire business performance while still ensuring transparency to their contributors. Furthermore, non-profits generally have multiple revenue streams and adhere to strict regulations when it comes to governance.

Infor SunSystems can help charities and not-for-profit organisations overcome financial pressures and meet the various requirements of donors, beneficiaries, and employees while still efficiently allocating funds.

  • Transparency: Infor SunSystems offers non-profits to gain a 360-degree view of how the business is doing financially with real-time data. Infor SunSystems also allows users to break down every spending and incoming contribution and drill down information to the transactional level, thus, ultimately preventing duplications from happening in the first place and helping businesses to build trust with the public.
  • Data compilation: In the past, non-profit organisations had to manually input data into a spreadsheet and manually compile them, which was extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Infor SunSystems automates these processes and acts as a centralised hub for enterprise data. As a result, information silos and clutters are avoided; organisations now are fully equipped with one single version of the truth.
  • Streamline integration: as the business grows, Infor SunSystems also grows to adapt to the changing needs. With flexible and robust integration capabilities, non-profits can integrate other solutions such as CRM, donations, membership, ticketing, and banking... with SunSystems. The solution also supports unlimited rates and automated partial VAT recovery.
  • Revenue management: Infor SunSystems' accounts payable/accounts receivable can significantly simplify the finance processes when dealing with funds in different currencies. Furthermore, the solution also allows the finance team to quickly track fund types, projects, cost centres, and donors throughout the organisation.

Infor SunSystems for Oil and Gas

As global oil prices are in constant fluctuation, energy companies have to change how they operate in order to adapt. Many industry insiders believe that the financial management system is the key element to streamlining operations.

Infor SunSystems has a long history of development specifically for the energy, oil and gas sector and remains to be a popular accounting software of choice for many leading energy companies until today.

Infor SunSystems can help oil and gas organisations to overcome common challenges by providing:

  • A cloud-based system: SunSystems Cloud offers a much more flexible and manageable subscription-based payment method. It eliminates the hefty upfront capital expenses and requires minimal IT staffing. The cloud also offers multiple benefits, including scalability, ease of use, and high security.
  • Configurability and quick implementation: Infor SunSystems is an industry-specific solution that allows energy companies to implement the system right out of the box. Businesses do not have to worry about time wasted on configuring and customising the system to make it fit their needs.
  • User-friendly analysis tools and real-time reporting: Keep track of all key performance indicators or customise these indicators to match the business with Infor SunSystems' built-in multi-dimensional analytics. Moreover, the solution also complies with both local reporting statutory and international accounting standards. Real-time data processing also makes daily accounting activities a lot less hectic than usual.
  • Industry-specific features: joint venture cost statements, report on performance measurements, units of measure conversions and more. Businesses can also integrate SunSystems with Infor d/EPM solution for more advanced budgeting, forecasting and consolidation capabilities.

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