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The hospitality industry in recent years has been experiencing some drastic changes particularly in technologies and consumer behaviours. In this Resource Portal, you'll find almost everything you need to know about the Hotel Industry and the solutions available to aid the hoteliers to march on and thrive in today's ever-changing market.

new trends in hospitality

Changes in technologies and changes in consumer behaviours affect anyone and any business. The hospitality industry particularly is one of a few industries that receive the direct hit.
Trends and Challenges in Hospitality

Staying on top of the news and the industry trends is critical for hoteliers to remain competitive.

Infographic: 5 Hospitality Trends To Pay Attention To in 2019

What Does It Take to Transform the Booking Experience?

Sustainability in Hospitality: Best Practices Every Hotel Should Adopt

However, alongside new trends are challenges that hoteliers also have to face. Managing the existing pool of talents, defining brand identity, seeking new sources of revenue generation, etc. are the areas that hoteliers should pay close attention to.

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Technologies that Revolutionise the Hospitality Industry

Digital transformation has huge and positive impacts on traditional businesses. The hotel industry is not an exception. 

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How the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

Hotel Technology 2020: Which Trends Will Drive the Changes?

Is Cloud Property Management System the next Logical Steps for Hotels?

Should Boutique Hotels Adopt Cloud Technology?

In the next few years or so, technologies like Artificial Intelligence or blockchain will become common in every hotel.


Data Handling in Hospitality

Each client has his or her own expectation. The ability to manage those personal preferences and provide available services and rooms to make customers happy is a key factor to stay ahead of the competition.

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efficiently manage your hotel

More and more hotels compete against each other to win the clients' hearts by utilising the modern technologies and offering what they most desires. 
Reinventing Revenue Management

The challenge of revenue management is particularly complex. The basic approach to pricing guest rooms has evolved from a technique that uses “best available rate” (BAR) pricing to one that uses dynamic pricing based on data-driven demand forecasts.

What You Need to Know about Hotel Accounting

Hotel accounting is more than just managing revenue and expenses. Each hotel faces unique financial needs that demand competent staff and suitable accounting system that will allow management to plan for the future.

Hotel Best Practices

Financial management lays the very foundation of a successful business. Likewise, the most successful hotels rely on fundamental financial management principles to enable them to manage their property profitably.

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What Hoteliers Need to Know about Managed IT Services

Hotel Asset Managers versus the Changing Trends of the Industry


hotel management solutions

At TRG International, we offer solutions specifically tailored to the Hospitality industry.

These powerful solutions are easy to use, allow our clients to manage complex business changes, to transform their financial management function, and enable them to grow.

Infor SunSystems for Hospitality

Whether you’re a single hotel or a global chain, SunSystems is a financial management solution designed to help you manage the unique demands of the industry.

Case study: Read how Vienna House, an Austria-based hotel chains, has automated their reporting function with Infor!

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Infor HMS (Hospitality Management Solution)

Move your hotel property management functions to the cloud, optimise your operations to deliver the best possible guest experiences while increasing profitability with this next-generation hotel management solution.

To learn more about Infor HMS, please click here.

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Infor d/EPM for Hospitality

Infor d/EPM for Hospitality is designed with the advanced functionality to help implement and facilitate analysis. Another great feature is Office Plus which integrates directly with Microsoft Excel.

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Infor d/EPM for Hospitality


Infor SunSystems 


Infor Hotel Management Solution



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