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5 Ways To Cut Costs By Going Green

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Living green is not a new concept for people today. But how about green business? Do you know how much office costs you can cut when your office/ business goes green? Green business will not only help you cut down office costs but also gain a positive reputation and image for your company. Then why not start now?

Here are five simple steps to turn your business green:

1. Recycling

5 Ways To Cut Costs By Going Green

This seems an old-fashioned idea for people who know about green. But how do you really apply it into the everyday office environment? Next time, think green when you buy and replace an item. Paper, bottles and cans are the most common green initiatives when you think about recycling. Recycling paper can encourage your employees to use used paper to take notes and make them reduce the number of copies every day. This will help saving company money, and at the same time, benefit the environment.

2. Switching to green energy

First, you should consider changing your lights into compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights. Even though they are more expensive than standard incandescent bulbs, they last longer and save much more energy. In fact, LED bulbs are 10 times more effective and CFL bulbs are approximately 7 times than traditional bulbs.

5 Ways To Cut Costs By Going Green

3. Lower energy consumption

5 Ways To Cut Costs By Going Green

Remind your employees to shut down their computers and turn off lights when they are not in use. It would be better if you can invest in a sensor light system in shared rooms such as meeting rooms and break rooms. Powering down the copiers, scanners and printers can also reduce the energy consumption.

 4. Water consumption

5 Ways To Cut Costs By Going Green

Installing a motion sensor faucet for your company will help you decrease wasted water. You should install for restrooms and dish-washing areas. You may want to have better choices in dish washing liquids for less water pollution.

 5. Using public transportation

 5 Ways To Cut Costs By Going Green

Encourage your employees to use public transportation. And it will be really great if your company can afford to rent a van or bus for employee’s transportation. This can also be used in case your employees need to travel nearby. Here are some statistics you may consider to change into public transportation.

Tip: To make your office greener, decorate your office with some trees. It also helps absorb radiation from computers and refreshes the air for your employees.  

At the end, you will be surprised how much you save in office costs when you turn into a green office and having a better and greener office environment.

How do you turn your business into a green business? Share your ideas for a better working environment and reducing office costs.

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