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Ensuring Fair and Transparent Performance Reviews for Hybrid Teams

Posted by Mai Hoai Thu on

Performance reviews are vital for hybrid workplaces and teams, providing a formal way to evaluate performance, set goals, give feedback, and align expectations. In the hybrid setting, where employees may work remotely or have flexible schedules, monitoring productivity and progress can be challenging. 

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Blog Topics: Talent Management, digital workplace

Fatigue, Exhaustion, Disengagement in A World of Working From Anywhere

Posted by Rick Yvanovich on

For many, the "Can we maintain the same quality of work and productivity without any supervision, colleagues, and while working from home?" used to be the biggest concern pre-pandemic. Today, after an extended period of experimenting, we have finally found the answer to the question above: "Of course, we can." And for many, remote work is the norm due to its flexibility and agility.

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Blog Topics: Talent Management, digital workplace

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