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What Makes a Positive Work Environment?

Posted by Rick Yvanovich on

To create a positive work environment, your company needs a strong employer brand, an inspiring organisational culture, a clear vision, a well put together strategic plan, and competitive perks and benefits. It is hard work, but worthwhile.  

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Fostering Diversity and Inclusion Through Internship Programs at TRG

Posted by Rick Yvanovich on

Dynamic, diligent, diverse – these values define TRG’s Internship Program. Globalisation has been the catalyst of change for Vietnam’s labour force as well as economy and culture, we always put effort to give our interns the best chance to experience those changes, thus, enhance our workplace diversity and inclusion.

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How Is TRG Adapting to the New Normal of Virtual Office Post COVID-19?

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on

To say COVID-19 is an unexpected event would be an understatement. And if this devastating pandemic taught businesses anything, it would be to always have a contingency plan in place and to think on their feet. At TRG, we believe that the ability to respond quickly to changing environments is the key to success. In this post, we will share our story.  

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