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Weekly Recap: August 3 - August 9, 2012

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TRG International to sponsor VCCI training course for finance professionals

training course  

TRG International will be the main sponsor of a training course for finance professionals organised by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) starting on August 03 2012. The course, entitled “An Effective Internal Audit Mechanism for Firms in Banking and Finance Service Sector”, will run in 12 sessions at the VCCI building in Hanoi from August 3rd to 12th


Calling all Budget planners, controllers, managers or the "Budget people"

planning & budgeting  

According to a study by Horvath & Partners in 2004, senior managers spend about 10-20% of their time on the budgeting process, while finance departments spend as much as 50% of their time. Is it the case at your organisation?

Vote for your biggest challenge in Budgeting on our LinkedIn poll and see what others think!

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Key benefits of IFRS


For many companies, especially those that have multinational operations, complying with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is synonymous with extra workload. Businesses should develop a mindset that faciliates IFRS transition by understanding key benefits of IFRS.


TRG International to co-organise seminar on Planning & Budgeting with PwC Vietnam

planning and budgeting seminar  

TRG International and PwC Vietnam are to co-host a seminar entitled “Planning & Budgeting in Vietnam: Top challenges and solutions” on August 9th. This is a chance for business professionals to hear speakers from leading firms in business advisory and solutions cover the hottest issues of Planning & Budgeting in Vietnam


Understanding Virtualisation Technology

virtualisation technology  

Virtualisation technology is becoming one of the hottest trends, especially desktop virtualisation. More and more managers take this issue into serious consideration and are thinking about choosing a desktop virtualisation platform for their companies.

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Enter the Dragon Economy

retail software  

A Retail Pro customer, iSpace was recently announced as the newest member in the extremely selective group of APRs. Valued for their modernity, international expertise, professional support, and highly personalized customer service, iSpace has driven the growth of several global businesses in China’s specialty retail sector.

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