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What makes Infor SunSystems a serious contender in the quest for a best-in-class financial management solution? Below is an excerpt from a TEC blog, where Infor SunSystems product marketing managers Beth Wilson and Tim Truedale answer questions about this product, formerly known as Infor FMS SunSystems Enterprise:

What are Infor FMS SunSystems Enterprise’s main product capabilities/modules, and what has been selling best of late?

Infor: The flagships are the core ledger accounting capability and the related reporting and analytics (Query & Analysis) module. These continue to sell well (with a few hundred completely new customer logos last year). Integrated Asset Accounting, Cost Allocation, and Order Management modules, plus the aforementioned extended solutions by Infor, enable us to meet broader requirement sets based around this core competence.

TEC: Do you sell SunSystems as stand-alone, together with Infor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) products, or all of the above? Which integrations are already in place vs. future ones?

Infor: SunSystems is a stand-alone financial management product, but we do deliver it as the Financials module for some of the ERP products (such as Infor ERP Syteline, for which alliance goes all the way back to former MAPICS) in some markets, and to business-specific applications such as hospitality and automotive. There are also integrations to Infor’s extended solutions such as Infor Expense Management and EAM editions.

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TEC: Are there any particular capabilities (that solve what pain points) that FMS does (and perhaps no one else does)?

Infor: As mentioned earlier, FMS SunSystems delivers the ability to do the following:

  • Get access to the information you need, when you need it
  • Change/modify the system with confidence
  • Grow in any market

These capabilities come from enabling customers to do the following:

  • Easily configure the system to meet the wide variety of information requirements
  • Capture the data in a form designed to support real-time reporting and analytics—via the aforementioned Unified Ledger with Smart Transactions (which deliver not only information, but also detailed user-defined context)
  • Provide the tools that make this accessible to the end user—without necessarily waiting for IT staff

Author: P.J. Jakovljevic                                                                                     

Source: Technology Evaluation Center


If you want to get even more up close and personal, go ahead and watch a demo of Infor SunSystems.

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