Amazing Race Con Dao: We love To Reach Goals as we love TRG

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Ho Chi Minh City – 15th November 2012 – TRG’s annual Team Building weekend took place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November at the remote Islands of Con Dao, Vietnam. Con Dao is a group of 16 islands and served as a prison for political prisoners during the French colonial era, when it was known as Poulo Condore, today it is an example of good conservation with 80% of the land being a primary jungle National Park, and old prisons converted into museums.

TRG team building

TRG staff arriving at Co Ong airport, Con Dao

Con Dao was selected as the venue for this year’s TRG Team Building, as apart from its interesting history, it’s a haven of beauty with jungle and forested hills, people-free beaches, coral reefs and silence and tranquillity that seem worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Saigon and Hanoi.

“Working independently is essential for staff but working together as a group and as an organisation is also fundamental for our success. The ‘escape’ to Con Dao was a fitting location to host our “Amazing Race” for this years team building activities as well as provide opportunities to relax and unwind and discover both the history of Con Dao as well as the natural beauty of primary jungle and sandy deserted beaches. This year’s theme was a play on the letters TRG: we love To Reach Goals as we love TRG” said Rick Yvanovich, Founder & CEO of TRG

Over 70 members of staff participated and on the day were divided into five teams to compete in a variety of outdoor team building activities fashioned on the popular “Amazing Race” TV show.

Ms Ha, Chief Accountant, Team Leader of the winning team commented: "The Amazing race was really exciting for all of us, just like the TV show! We won since we understand how together we can achieve our goals and targets, how important it is to support each other, and how each person’s contribution adds value to the team's overall performance. We not only had challenging times but also had enjoyable times with this Amazing Race.”

“The Amazing race gave everyone another chance to explore the full potential of their team power and team passion. They have learnt and reinforced their understanding that although the team is important, the self in a team is crucial. In TRG we believe there is an ‘I’ in team, ” said Pham Hong Thai, Deputy General Director.

“The highlight of the event as always is the employee Talent Show, held after the Gala Dinner. To prepare for this we split the company into four Talent Teams and for many months in advance each team designs, creates and practices a range of performances including: singing, dancing, flash mobs, fashion shows and a wide variety of musical instruments. This year I have to say that it was truly “Amazing”, I’ve been wowed in previous years so I should know what to expect but yet again it was a ‘wow’ of an event, I am so proud of this team, they’re the best!” said Yvanovich.



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