TRG in the press after "Office of the CFO" event

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Following TRG's seminar entitled "Office of the CFO: Change the way work is done", Saigon Entrepreneurs (Doanh Nhan Sai Gon) magazine and Business Forum (Dien Dan Doanh Nghiep) published their articles on the event as well as on some of the topics discussed by our event speakers, including:

  • The Office of the CFO concept
  • Complete Financial Management
  • Performance Management
  • Governance, Risk and Control
  • Business Insight

Saigon Entrepreneurs magazine re-emphasised the changing roles of CFOs as well as actions needed to cope with increasing pressures in today's complex world. Meanwhile, Business Forum gave a brief description of the event held by TRG, sponsored by CIMA and Infor.

The articles are in Vietnamese and can be found below.

TRG on Saigon Entrepreneurs magazine:

trg cfo finance professionals

TRG on Business Forum.

Topics: CFOs, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Financial Accounting Management Software, Technology trends

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