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Citrix Desktop Transformation – Doing it Right!

Posted by Thai Pham on

Citrix Consulting has a lot of experience helping customers deploy desktop virtualisation solutions quickly and successfully. Engagements can range in size from a tactical implementation for a specific user group to a strategic enterprise-wide virtualisation solution. Whether the engagement is large or small, Citrix Consulting follows the same methodology to assess the “who, where, when, and why”. Before designing or deploying a desktop virtualisation solution:

  1. Identify and prioritize the key business drivers
  2. Divide users into groups based on common requirements
  3. Assess the application requirements to determine the best delivery method
  4. Reduce time to value by focusing on user groups that offer the most impact and the shortest deployment time

Following this process ensures that we do not miss a key business driver, user need or application characteristic – any of which can affect the look and feel of the final solution.

Citrix Synergy is not only a great place to learn about the newest Citrix technologies, but also how to deploy Citrix technology successfully in the real world. If you are preparing for a desktop transformation project or currently working with a customer who is, you should attend SYN317 where Andy Baker and Robert Wiggenhorn will walk you through these key steps so that you can start your desktop transformation the right way..

This is is the first part of a three-part series on desktop transformation:

  1. SYN317: Assess your virtual desktop project with Citrix Consulting methodologies
  2. SYN318: Design your virtual desktop project with Citrix Consulting methodologies
  3. SYN319: Deploy your virtual desktop project with Citrix Consulting methodologies

Source: Citrix's Blog

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