3 Ways Microsoft 365 Benefits Your Business Post COVID-19

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Running a business without an office software suite is virtually impossible, so when remote working is becoming the order of the day, it’s only natural that you consider adopting Microsoft 365.

But how exactly can Microsoft 365, which offers the cloud version of Microsoft Office and a host of other cloud services, benefit your business? Here are the top 3 advantanges of adopting this suite.

How can Microsoft 365 benefit your Business

Top 3 benefits of Microsoft 365 for businesses

1. Team Management

Virtual Working

As technology evolves, remote working has become popular than ever. Managing your business in this digital age can be a challenge.

However, Microsoft 365 makes it easy for you to access your business data, whether you are on a business trip, on vacation, or at the office. Your team can exchange files, collaborate on projects, access work-related data such as contacts, emails, latest news through Microsoft’s cloud storage.

This also opens a chance for you to easily manage off-site employees, such as freelancers or vendors, and keep them updated at any time.

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Microsoft 365 is accessible via mobile or any common web browser of your choice. Your team members can be anywhere in the world. Microsoft 365 enables you to collaborate as if they were in the same room. You can be working on a Macbook, your remote teammate is working on a tablet, and both of you can still connect and access important data and news.


Getting tired with editing and merging various updates from everyone into one document? With Microsoft 365, you can authorise your team members to simultaneously view and edit the same file to increase the convenience and efficiency of your team.

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Worrying about whether your employees can easily adapt to this modern working environment or not? Microsoft 365 is intuitive for everyone. While it consists of familiar applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Outlook, Microsoft 365 also features:

  • Microsoft Teams – a platform that helps to connect all team members within your organisation, organise virtual meetings, and manage your business’ performance.
  • Sharepoint – a virtual storage space up to 1TB using cloud technology to improve and maximise productivity.
  • Planner – a built-in application that allows you to easily create and plan tasks, assign them to your team members and review their progress anytime, anywhere.

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2. Reliability

Microsoft 365 is highly reliable. Its up-to-date anti-malware and anti-spam security measures will protect your business from harmful attacks. Furthermore, Safe links and Safe attachments, which are part of Microsoft 365's advanced protections, will scan your email, ensure all of the data is safe, thus, secure you from any potential cyberthreat.  

All of your files and data remain confidential and will not be accessed, or scanned for any purpose. Microsoft compliance plan helps you understand your data and classify information across your storage. With Microsoft 365’s help, you can easily manage your data’s life cycle (import, categorise, and review) at any time.

3. Security

Microsoft commits to data-trust policies that can ensure the security of your business’ data. When uploading onto the cloud storage, your file will be automatically encrypted. You can now control who is eligible to access your business information with groups and customised permissions. Microsoft 365 also has a security centre, where you can access and view your security health and get notified of suspicious activities.

For a fixed monthly fee, you have in your hand a powerful tool that allows you’re your colleagues, and practically anyone in your organisation to collaborate and innovate better and faster. Get Microsoft 365 with the latest version of all features, tools, and security updates today.

To learn more about Microsoft 365, including its pricing and TRG's exclusive promotions, talk to our Sales team today!

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