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Infor Introduce The Water Cooler – a Quarterly Publication for Infor’s Customers

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On March 2015, Infor, the industry cloud company, introduced The Water Cooler, a quarterly publication for SunSystems customers. In this publication, Infor will update information about their product: highlights, tips & tricks, information pertaining to their top Knowledge Base articles, technology, strategy, questions (provided by customers) and answers (provided by the company) and much more.

Customer experience is a key measurement of a company’s success. And it goes the same with Infor. Infor wants their valuable customers to speak up about their problems and continue to build upon the foundation that have already set. Infor expects that The Water Cooler would be a collaborative and interactive publication. If customers have a question regarding SunSystems or other products and they do not know where to find the answers – they are encouraged to submit it. If customers would like to be a part of an exposé sharing their story on how Infor products have played a core role in their company's achievements – they are encouraged to submit their information including name, company and contact – Infor will reach out and ask them to share their story. If customers want to know more about what's going on at Infor, they can submit their questions / information to

Click the button below to download The Water Cooler - March Edition

Infor -The Water Cooler

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