Introduction of Infor Query & Analysis Evolve 1.1

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On Thursday 16th October 2014, at annual customer day, TRG International demonstrated to our clients the latest enhancements for Infor Query & Analysis Evolve.

Infor Query & Analysis Evolve

Infor Query & Analysis Evolve is the latest and completely re-imagined version of Query & Analysis. Q&A Evolve is a web-based program with a cloud hosted version available as a 64 bit application (which syncs with SunSystems Version 6.2), this means the speed of processes and data extraction is faster, and requires little input from the client. Q&A Evolve offers exceptional data visualization functionality that can turn information into insight and allow organizations to turn insight into action. It is aimed at users of Excel who want a better way analysing and reporting on complex data sets. Excel is the most common end-user desktop tool used today across the enterprise for doing analysis of data.This tool allows end-users to create reports based around existing data as well as real-time data.

What’s new in Infor Query & Analysis Evolve?

With a focus on reporting and analysis, Infor Query & Analysis Evolve 1.1 provides you with a single working area within the popular MS Excel environment allowing you the flexibility to drill down, breakout and expand views at both a detailed transactional level and/or summary level:

  • Drilldown: Is used to analyse the data extracted using either a Summary Link or Summary Report data type, by ‘drilling’ into the underlying data which makes up the result
  • Summary & Details Drilldown: Is used to analyse cells populated by the Summary Link and Summary Report data types, down to the level of transactional detail
  • Breakout: Is used for the automatic creation of dependent worksheets which mirror the original, which for example could be used to break out the header level report by cost centre or any other appropriate analysis code
  • Expand: Is used to create an analysis of an entire report row, based on selected criteria

Other features include:

• Making Evolve Excel even more powerful when analyzing data

• All maintained through a dockable Drill Path manager within Excel

• Data Send and support for Excel automatic calculation

• Send to SunSystems no longer requires a Client install of User Manager

• Merge of Setup & Maintenance to a single server side Setup Utility application

• Interface has been refactored to latest Infor Standards

• Alert has been built into Excel as dockable panel

• Further enhancements include:

  • Patchable for critical Evolve Client and Server
  • 64 Bit support
  • Unicode compliant
  • Single Centralized DataLink Storage
  • Single Centralized Configuration Database – Previously stored in an Assess Database (LsAgEg10.mdb)
  • Low Client footprint
  • Advanced Error Logging
  • HTTP(S) Connectivity


For a full features list of Infor Query & Analysis Evolve 1.1, click the button below to download

Download Infor Query & Analysis Evolve 1.1 Full Features List

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