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“Saigon Executive Exchange” luncheon: BIG DATA - DRIVE BUSINESS GROWTH

Posted by Oanh Nguyen on

On 20th May 2015, first "Saigon Executive Exchange" luncheon event will be held for people who are interested in international business. The event will be about concept of “Big Data”. The presenters will show how your company can gather data on your prospects and customers through both outbound marketing and inbound marketing. Also, the company will know how to enhance and segment it to maximize its value.

On this event, Mr. Rick Yvanovich, CEO of TRG International, which is implementing “Big Data” programs for many of the leading companies in Vietnam will discuss why all data is not equal. He will present the importance of data and “Big Data” strategy as your company's most valuable assets.


For more information about the event, click on this link:

About Mr. Rick Yvanovich

Rick’s a Brit, a baby boomer, and a professional bean counter (hence the FCMA CGMA FCPA). He’s worked for 30 years across a number of industries in the UK and Asia. He relocated to Vietnam in the early 1990’s and in 1994 he founded TRG, a technology company (the first of many entrepreneurial ventures).

About TRG International

TRG International is an independent provider of IT business solutions and supports thousands of users in 70 countries. Clients range from small domestic companies to very large global multinationals in both the public and private sectors.



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