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TRG International sponsors RMIT Entrepreneur Challenge Contest 2016

Posted by Yen Nguyen on

September 10, four teams have made it to the final stage of the RMIT Entrepreneur Challenge Contest 2016. This competition is open to undergraduate students from RMIT and other universities to test their entrepreneur ideas. Among the top ideas include a smart app to avoid traffic jams, a digital marketing agency providing SEO services, a platform for rental services and an online tool to collect data from social channels.

A judging panel from RMIT University as well as TRG International have worked hard to determine the first-place winner based on their business plan and presentation skills. Mr. Pham Hong Thai, Deputy Managing Director of TRG International said: “By sponsoring this event, we want to inspire entrepreneur spirit of those young and bright students. I see great potential from their entrepreneur ideas but they need more coaching to turn their business dreams into reality. TRG also focuses on helping young people to grow and providing them with favorable conditions for self-development.”


Tech4Life team received First runner-up from Mr. Pham Hong Thai

The Tech4Life team from the University of Foreign Trade was announced as the first runner of the competition for their “COMMA” – a data collection tool for social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,… JAMME team won the second prize for their efforts to develop a mobile app to make traffic more efficient.

Below are pictures captured in the RMIT Entrepreneur Challenge Contest 2016:


TRG’s representatives at the competition from left to right: Ms. Hong Yen (Marketing Executive), Mr. Pham Hong Thai (Deputy Managing Director), Ms. Ngoc Phuong (HR Executive)


The judge panel of the RMIT Entrepreneur Challenge 2016


Judges and sponsors took picture with 4 competition teams

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