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TRG streamlines everyday work using React Native mobile app

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TRG employees used to rely on web-based internal systems for everyday work and collaboration. Such systems helped fulfil essential tasks like leave and travel booking and management, facilities booking, reporting, etc. Accessing these functions via web browsers, especially on mobile devices, is inefficient and hinders effective collaboration despite the use of responsive design. Consequently, a mobile app for quick access to these internal systems was required.

TRG’s internal mobile app would have to meet the following expectations:

  • Cross-platform Application: it must be able to run on both Android and iOS, and work well with different mobile devices.
  • Agility and Scalability: the app must be quick to develop and easy to upgrade later.
  • Efficiency: it can be built by a small group of developers.

Performance: it must be a high-performance app with an engaging interface and a friendly user experience.

TRG mobile app

The beauty of simplicity

React Native’s simplicity is key to meeting this project’s objectives. Being a JavaScript library, React Native fits very well with TRG’s internal capabilities and resources. It’s software development team comprises mostly web developers who are already adept at using JavaScript so building on React Native was not an issue. Building a mobile app is now a much more familiar and feasible task.

Performance of a native app

Prior to opting for React Native, the development team experimented with other options, most notably Cordova. This platform also supports web-based technologies like CSS and HTML, and therefore should be something TRG’s developers are familiar with.

However, the prototype developed using Cordova had serious drawbacks – it was not working as smoothly as other native apps on the same operating systems. On the other hand, the prototype developed using React Native delivered performance almost identical to other native apps’ on iOS. The result surprised the development team, who went on to choose React Native as the development framework.

TRG App and daily tasks optimisation

The first version of TRG App was introduced only a few weeks after the development team wrote the first line of code. Almost immediately, leave management became so much quicker. When employees apply for leave on the app, their managers receive alerts via the app on their mobile devices and thus can easily and instantly approve which delivers a much better user experience for the employee.

The ‘Staff List’ function helps out-of-town employees easily contact other employees, regardless where they are. Previously, each employee had to store contacts of whom they contact with most frequently in his or her cell phones. Such practice was cumbersome and time-consuming. Even though TRG has always had a complete directory of all employees’ contacts on its internal site, the new mobile app makes accessing this information much easier, especially as staff numbers goes into the hundreds.

In subsequent versions, the app helps you manage your meetings, book facilities, and monitor the resource utilisation throughout the company. It can also send out notifications to all employees about upcoming crucial events. The notification function proves to be a more engaging and user-friendly means of communication than email and was especially useful in a recent team building event which helped co-ordinate where people should be.

Using the React Native framework, TRG has successfully developed an engaging mobile app that enables its employees to perform daily routines via their mobile devices. Thanks to its superior agility and scalability, React Native will be TRG’s chosen framework for mobile application development, not just for internal needs but also for TRG’s clients.

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