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TRG to visit Thien Phuoc Orphanage on 7 Dec 2012

Posted by Quynh Bui on

“Smile to the world. We can help make you shine”

Growing up in a family with a mother and a father is a simple happiness for anyone. But that simple happiness seems fragile and difficult for children with mental and physical handicaps from birth. These handicapped children who are victims of Agent Orange have suffered a lot in life, including challenges with daily personal activities and integration into the community and leading a normal life.

One of TRG’s many CSR activities is an annual visit to Thien Phuoc Orphanage where we donate necessary supplies and gifts but more importantly we bring hopes and lots of smiles, some moments of happiness and a brighter outlook for these children. The smile of the children today is the prosperous growth for our coming generations. Together we smile and together we shine.

Pictures from our last visit:

educate disable children at Thien Phuoc

Educating disable children: creating opportunities

make a better world for disable children resized 600

Let’s heal our world and make a better life for our children

taking photos Thien Phuoc resized 600

They are happy to pose for a photo together

Thien phuoc visit 2 resized 600

These kids can understand what is happening in their surroundings as well as what people say to them, but they cannot control their own bodies and thus are unable to communicate appropriately

sharing love at Thien Phuoc 2sharing love at Thien Phuoc resized 600

Sharing our sympathy and love

happy moment at Thien Phuoc resized 600

Together we smile - together we shine

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