How proactive are you with your Citrix environment?

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Do you have the ability to truly take a proactive approach to how your identify causality, fix bottlenecks and set and automate custom fix actions for your XenApp, XenDesktop and XenServer environment?

This is the question Goliath Technologies have been asking technology professionals since early 2010.  As an existing member of the Citrix Ready community for XenServer, Goliath’s newly Citrix Ready verified status on XenApp and XenDesktop (as well as NetScaler for their HyperThetical for NetScaler product) should be causing Citrix users everywhere to think – How do I become more proactive and less reactive with my Xen-products?

As application delivery mechanisms shift there is always a split as to where mission-critical pieces of the infrastructure reside making it difficult to manage overall performance, determine causality and remediate issues within a hybrid approach.  Consolidating the view of these critical points of potential failure and setting up alerts/thresholds for all layers of the technology stack and automating fix actions is a powerful proposition for any IT professional leveraging XenApp, XenDesktop or XenServer.

Goliath has one mission – to be proactive.  They deliver the only proactive systems management and issue remediation software for IT organizations running in today’s hybrid infrastructures.   Specifically, Goliath’s solutions address the always evolving challenges of managing physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures by allowing IT professionals to monitor, report, analyze and automate fixes for both the end-user applications as well as the entire supporting technology stack.

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Unique Features:

  •  Pinpoint causality quickly by monitoring both the applications and the entire supporting infrastructure – no matter where it resides (physical server, in the cloud or virtualized).
  • Quickly turn raw application, system and hybrid infrastructure data into action by analyzing powerful visualisations in fully-customizable charts and dashboards.
  • Out of the box monitoring rules are built-in for most common applications and supporting infrastructure.
  • Specifically developed auto-deploy/auto-detect capabilities get you up and running quickly.
  • Set customized thresholds and alerts so that you know of issues before anyone else.
  • Automate either a built-in fix action or a customized script to execute when thresholds are breached.
  • Built-in integration into XenCenter for a truly centralized experience.
  • Free product certification training for all users.
  • Rapid payback and substantially lower cost of ownership of typical enterprise-ready monitoring solutions.

Source: Citrix's Blog


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