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Seasonality in hotels: revenue management strategies you should adopt

Posted by Carla Burton on

A longstanding issue for hotel owners and managers is how to maximise revenue and occupancy rates despite the effects of seasonality.  To be effective, revenue and yield management strategies need to consider seasonality but all too often, hotels approach seasonality in blocks of time, rather than looking at each day over a 365 day period, resulting in lost opportunities.

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Topics: Hospitality solutions, Hotel management software, Revenue management

Boost profits with technology upgrades

Posted by Carla Burton on

The success of the hotel industry tends to go hand in hand with the state of the economy.   With extremely large buildings and surrounding property to maintain, overhead is steep.  Owners and managers will often keep out-dated technology rather than upgrade in an effort to keep the costs down. Randy Steinbeck, Vice President of Sky Resorts in Orlando, says, "Forgoing technology upgrades may be sound enough in the short run but the long term effect may not measure up to close scrutiny.  Stay relevant using technology with the guest first and foremost in every decision." With never ending changes and upgrades in technology possible, how will a hotel manager decide which ones to install and what to skip?
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Topics: Hospitality solutions, Hotel management software

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