SunSystems 4.4: Customer-driven Enhancements and New User Interface Improve Customer Experience

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Infor Financials SunSystems 4.4 release is now generally available

Infor is pleased to announce that the latest release of Infor Financials SunSystems 4.4 is now generally available. The 4.4 release of SunSystems introduces the following new and enhanced functionality.

User Interface

New user experience: A new user interface has been introduced to provide quick and efficient access to SunSystems functions while allowing users to work with keyboard access and established shortcuts. Standard menu access for each operator is complemented by a “Favorites” option, allowing a user-defined menu with personalized entries. The traditional SunSystems modules are represented as tabs. Within each module/tab, the content is organized in newer-style categories represented with icons. The majority of forms have been enhanced to include descriptive content in dropdown boxes, calendar controls, and checkboxes for standard Yes/No options, but old-style character responses are preserved throughout.

Help for SunSystems 4 (core languages): The interconnected suite of Help files, which was available only in English in SunSystems 4.3.3, is now delivered in all languages in which the SunSystems 4.4 user interface is delivered (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese [Simplified], Chinese [Traditional], and Japanese).

Security and Control

SunSystems Security: The separate, centralized security facility introduced with SunSystems 4.3 (4.3.1) is now an integral part of SunSystems 4.4 with a single, combined installation routine.

Permission Control on Allocation Marker Updates: The application and removal of allocation markers in Account Allocation, On-Line Allocation, Journal Entry, Journal Import, and Reconciliation Manager can now be restricted by Operator Permissions. A new Allocation Marker Restrictions tab has been added to Operator Group Database Miscellaneous Restrictions in User Manager. Access to On-Line Allocation has also been made subject to Operator Permissions; a new action has been added to the Database Menu Selections for Journal Entry in Ledger Accounting.

Audit Reports: Reference and Transactional Audit Reports have been enhanced to include timestamp data.

Audit Control: Audit Control can now be configured for individual databases rather than functioning system-wide. A simple facility to copy existing audit control settings from one database to a second or all databases is available.

Customer-driven Enhancements

Account Allocation and Account Inquiry: Selection criteria to extract by due date have been added to these functions to facilitate better debtor and creditor control.

Sales Invoicing: A user’s own bank details can be recorded and made available for inclusion on the sales invoice. Default own bank details can be defined on the “Own Address” Names and Address record. This can be overridden by alternative own bank details on individual customer Chart of Accounts records.

Portuguese Invoicing: Changes have been introduced to meet new sales invoicing regulations introduced by the Portuguese government at the beginning of 2011. This functionality is enabled by the introduction of a user hook and works using an encrypted hash total.


Platform Updates: Infor Financials SunSystems 4.4 is now available for Oracle 11g R2.

Windows Printing: Windows Printing has been reworked, enabling the user to identify and setup suitable Windows printers via User Manager and SunSystems for ad hoc print use. Local or network printers can be easily assigned to an existing SunSystems printer profile in a new User Manager dialog. Once Windows printing is enabled, a standard Windows print dialog is presented to the user when the print function is selected. Further amendments such as printer selection, number of copies, paper orientation, etc. may be made at this time before the print is confirmed.

Windows Database Collation: A native Windows database collation has been introduced. Data and screens now operate using a Windows collation and code page, replacing any previous DOS collation. European language users upgrading from earlier releases must convert SunSystems backup files generated from their previous SunSystems installation before restoring into version 4.4. A new CodePageConverter.exe utility has been made available for this purpose in the SunSystems program directory. 

Add-on Operator Permissions: The previous version 4.3.3 super user ZO=Maintain Add On Op. Permissions has now been replaced. With the introduction of the new Navigator menu interface, the installation of add-on products now requires the addition of new modules and functions to both Navigator and User Manager. A new ThirdPartyInstaller.exe utility has been made available for this purpose in the SunSystems program directory. An XML file containing all required updates is required in conjunction with this utility.



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