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Evaluating Financial Management Software: Five Must-Haves

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The backbone of any organization, financial management applications are the foundation that helps a company manage and gain insight into the most important parts of their business. Financial management applications streamline processes to help an organization manage business-critical functions such as accounting, project management, payroll, and human resources. When the financial management software of an organization becomes disjointed or broken, the implications can certainly impact the success and profitability of that organization.

evaluating financial management software

Evaluating financial management software can be an overwhelming task as there are many factors to consider. Some of the typical questions to ask about your system include the following: Does your financial management system provide the latest and greatest functionality available? Are your users able to generate adequate reporting with the software’s reporting tools? Is your system completely integrated or are you required to enter the same data into multiple places and multiple systems? Do you spend more time finding the data than analyzing and responding to it? Do staff members spend a lot of time entering the same data into multiple systems to allow them to extract and analyze the information? 

Based on how you answered the questions in the preceding paragraph, you may determine it is time to make a change to your financial management software. This whitepaper was created to review these and other pertinent questions that will assist you in evaluating current and future financial management solutions. The whitepaper is divided into five key areas that should be included in the evaluation of financial software. Each topic includes a review of the challenges placed on organizations as well as how current financial management software can provide solutions to overcome those challenges. The five topics included in this whitepaper are as follows:

  • Reporting
  • Business processes
  • Modules and functionality
  • System integration
  • Total cost of ownership

Review each of the topics in this whitepaper and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current financial system. If you determine it is time to make a change, then refer back to the section again to compare and contrast the options available for a new solution. A checklist comparison chart has been provided at the end of the guide to support your review.

The Addendum of this whitepaper reviews the key modules and associated functionality included as part of financial software. The list can be used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current software as well as software you evaluate to replace your current systems. The list provided is not meant to be all inclusive, but rather a high level listing of the key functionality required by many organizations.

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