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Virtualisation: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

Posted by Thuy Tien Tran on

 In the current environment, almost every component of IT can be virtualised. This includes:  Servers, Desktops, Applications, Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks etc. This report will focus primarily on three forms of virtualisation: server virtualisation, desktop virtualisation, and virtualised appliances. A key reason for this focus is that significant synergies exist between and amongst these forms of virtualisation. 


It will describe the challenges associated with server, desktop and appliance virtualisation as well as on the technologies, both existing and emerging, that enable IT organizations to respond to those challenges.

Read the report to find out:

  • Definition and benefits of each type of virtualisation
  • The adoption progress
  • The challenges
  • How to meet them

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Desktop virtualisation

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Application virtualisation

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Server virtualisation

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