XenApp Clients save over 70% when Trade-up to XenDesktop

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This is a program for existing XenApp customers who want to add desktop virtualization to their XenApp implementation and expand their desktop virtualization footprint – all at a fraction of the cost.

XENAPP Clients save over 70 when Trade-up to XENDESKTOP

The program offers customers choice and flexibility, with huge cost-saving incentives for making a strategic investment in Citrix and Citrix XenDesktop. It includes three permanent upgrade and expansion options: 

  • Trade-up: Customers trade-up a subset of their XenApp licenses to receive one XenDesktop license for each XenApp license, or trade-up all of their XenApp licenses to receive two XenDesktop licenses for each XenApp license. Customers save over 70% on XenDesktop.
  • Trade-up PLUS:  Customers trade-up all of their XenApp licenses and expand to reach more users with XenDesktop. Customers save 10% on new XenDesktop licenses.
  • Trade-up MAX:  Customers trade-up all of their XenApp licenses and expand to reach all of their remaining users with XenDesktop. Customers save 35% on new XenDesktop licenses.

Besides, there is a limited-time promotion called Trade-up RESTART: customers with expired Subscription Advantage can trade up their XenApp licenses to XenDesktop and save $50 off the expired Subscription Advantage Trade-up prices.

Tremendous value in one offer 

  • Double your licenses 
  • Save over 70% by trading-up to XenDesktop 
  • Expand to reach additional users for up to 35% off 
  • Get one year of Subscription Advantage membership 

Keep XenApp, add VDI and much more

  • Continue to use XenApp functionality as you always have
  • Get VDI, XenClient and the most complete virtual desktop technology with Citrix FlexCast
  • Get HDX WAN Optimization to accelerate the delivery of XenDesktop virtual desktops or virtual applications to remote, branch and datacenter sites
  • Get access to the most up-to-date Citrix technology 

Leverage existing investments 

  • Use XenApp skills and best practices to simplify desktop virtualisation adoption
  • Leverage existing hypervisor, storage and Microsoft infrastructures


Learn more about Citrix XenDesktop now: Download XenDesktop brochure

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