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Weekly Recap: October 5 - October 11, 2012

Posted by Trang Nguyen Minh on

Let's have a look at our new articles this week!

What to look for in corporate budgeting solutions


Over the years, spreadsheets have demonstrated themselves to be insufficient to handle budgeting in the ever changing business world. Hence, dedicated corporate budgeting solutions were born to deliver the accuracy, agility and responsiveness that companies so desire.

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TRG International joined Saigon Times' 7th annual blood donation day

blood donation  

TRG International joined nearly 300 other donors in the 7th annual blood donation day organised by Saigon Times on 06 Oct 2012. Fourteen people from TRG International gave blood that day, contributing to the total amount of 337 units of blood collected. The company has also been a close partner of the event over the years.

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Why efficient customer management matters in the retail organisation

retail business  

With the advent of new consumer technologies, information asymmetries have been eliminated from consumers’ shopping experience. Today’s shoppers are less brand-loyal. They jump from retailer to retailer to find the best price, the best products, and the best services.

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