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RSVP: "Financial Management Made Easy" - 22 Mar (Hanoi) and 18 Apr (HCMC)

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Do you often ask…

  • Where is all the financial information when I need it?
  • How do I keep up with changes in my business?
  • Is my financial reporting legally sound?
  • Why do I have to wait until the end of the month to get my reports?
  • Why can’t I have a P&L or Balance Sheet or any report when I want it?
  • If one or more of these issues have kept you up at night, perhaps you need some assurance.
That’s why TRG International is here to provide you with a world-class solution, delivered with passion.

Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) VAS Edition has a 30+ year track record as a single truly scalable and global financial management solution designed to address the needs of global modern businesses.

Join our seminar to find out:

  • Why implementing an FMS is important to every business in the changing business management world 
  • What the typical financial management challenges /pains faced by companies are 
  • How Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) VAS Edition addresses these management challenges 
  • What makes Infor10 Financial Business (SunSystems) uniquely different from other available FMS
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